Ice Bucket: some very sore losers?

I have not, as yet, taken the Ice Bucket challenge. I say “as yet” because, subject to my forthcoming travels, I’m happy to give it a go (48 hours notice, please!). Meanwhile, there’s a rather predictable patter of grumbling amidst some surprising reimagining of the idea. Meme-driven fundraising has truly come of age. (more…)

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Familiarity lost: coping with new people

It was six months since the new vicar had arrived and an elderly gentleman from the congregation had asked for ‘a word’. He told the new vicar in quite honest terms that, having wished for many years that new people would join the church, he couldn’t cope with the new influx of strange and unfamiliar people. When he died a few years later, he still left the church £20,000. (more…)

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Space for divergence?

I wonder what sort of response you would get if you surveyed the general attendance of British churches on the following two questions: Have you heard of the Christian Industrial Complex? What does the term mean to you? Yet I know that I’m not the only one who’s starting to feel we need new space to deal with its smothering of new ideas in today’s church.


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When movements move on

I want to pick up on something that was recently posted around regarding the Recovery ‘movement’ within Mental Health by Charlotte Walker, and which chimes with some observations of my own regarding the evolution of movements. sum up the point I want to pick up, she points out that those who won’t or don’t make all-out recoveries from conditions can feel at odds with the dominant narrative in mental health campaigning.


Wednesday, 18th June 2014 at 18:38 UTC 1 comment

You are what you watch?

How many of us assume that the news media has no effect on our behaviour – that what we see and hear does nothing to mould our views of the world? Or indeed, that stories we read or see acted out are things we consume, but have no effect on us? But the power of the media to shape opinions is all around us. After all, in every ad break, people pay big money to show us images they hope will change our minds. (C/W: mentions sexual violence).


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Mondeo Man, Movements and Russell Brand

On June 21st Russell Brand will perform on stage at the culmination of the People’s Assembly’s "No More Austerity" march. Its raised a few eyebrows, and I’ll be honest, his contribution isn’t what excites me about the demonstration and make me want to fill a coach full of people. But maybe that’s not the point, and getting Mr Brand on stage is about a wider, more important goal…


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UKIP’s threat to peaceful international relations

I’m sure far too much has already been written regarding UKIP and their potential allies’ successes in the European Parliamentary Elections. A lot of it seems to focus on either economics or race relations, but perhaps less on what it means for the countries of Europe as a whole.


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