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Whose nuclear obsession?

So many countries around the world could be accused of a nuclear obsession, either now or in the past. America saw its nukes as the breakthrough against Russia, who saw their nukes as vital to their continuing existence. Tehran is being accused of being obsessed with creating the ‘Islamic Bomb’, the difference between that and an American nuke being somewhat unclear. In this sense, Bush is building quite a nuclear obsession, what with the WMD talk before the Iraq war and the current round of diplomatic pressure on Iran. Nukes make one very addictive topic.

The Left is no different it seems. Somehow, Nukes have become a very traditional thing to get obsessed about. And once again, that obsession has resurfaced. But having made my pilgrimage to Faslane, and gone to the march in London, I’m now starting to a get a little wary of how much time and effort this one issue is taking up. (more…)


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Confessions of someone who does know better

I’ve been around politics long enough to know that any candidate in an election who looks really worth supporting is either unlikely to win, or likely to be a big disappointment, one way or another. So its with some sense of embarrassment that I have to own up to my latest political ‘crush’, and he isn’t even running in a UK election. (more…)

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Making space for the little things

I wrote this article a few weeks ago, and thought I’d share it.

Last Saturday I went to a protest near London, and over the next 3 weeks, I’ll be going to two in London itself. February/March is often a busy time for activists, and anyone who knows me will be totally unsurprised at my heavy schedule. But between these events, there’s something in particular that I feel is worth reflecting on. (more…)

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