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Tuesday, 6th March 2007 at 2:28 UTC 1 comment

Found this and this on the BBC website, apparently as part of their “ethical man” series on Newsnight.  Seemingly endless practical tips on how to save energy and money.  Some of the linked stories provide even more.  The key message that I’d like to pick out is the writers directness of opposition to air travel.  Newsnight featured someone from EasyJet fobbing off environmentalists a month or so back, so this is a welcome development.  Cars are also out (hiring one occasionally isn’t), but composting, thanks to York’s John Cossham, is now firmly on the list of things to do.


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  • 1. John Cossham  |  Sunday, 18th March 2007 at 23:10 UTC

    Hi there, yes composting IS a great way to reduce your footprint, if done at home in your garden. If your compostables are driven somewhere, it is still better tan landfilling them or incinerating them.
    Composting keeps some of the carbon in the soil and can reduce the need to purchase peat or other soil improvers. Composting is ‘waste minimisation’ as the resources from your garden and kitchen never become waste. Soil with compost put on top as a mulch is great for growing fruit and veg, especially squashes and pumpkins, and helps conserve moisture and suppress weeds.
    Please contact me for help with composting : johncossham@tiscali.co.uk
    cheers, John


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