Monday Action: Tell your MP to vote against Nuclear Weapons

Monday, 12th March 2007 at 9:00 UTC Leave a comment

See the explanation of ‘Monday Actions’.

On Wednesday, Parliament must decide whether to commit to a nuclear free future, or one where Britain builds new nuclear weapons, potentially triggering a new arms race. Britain is the first of several countries facing this dilemma due to the age of its weapons. There’s already been a resignation over the issue. Anyhow, I’m sure you’ve heard the arguments, here’s the action:

Go to and enter your post code, then write a brief note to whoever your MP turns out to be including some of the the following:

  • Building new Nuclear Weapons will lead to a new arms race.
  • That forcing other countries into such a race will adversely affect development and security worldwide.
  • That these new weapons aren’t needed: this isn’t the cold war any longer.
  • That it is hypocritical to tell other states to disarm and then go ahead with these plans.
  • That one MP has resigned their government office already over this issue.
  • That it is being pushed through parliament for all the wrong reasons.
  • That the right thing to do, regardless of what their party demands, is to oppose Trident Replacement in Wednesday’s bill.

On Wednesday, there will be vigils taking place in many towns and cities, here’s two I know of:

  • Bradford: War Memorial by Alhambra, 5-7pm
  • York: Outside York Minster/St Michael-le-Belfrey, 5-6pm

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