A Collision of Movements?

Friday, 16th March 2007 at 15:40 UTC 1 comment

I’m quite a fan of the idea of a Movement of Movements, hence my dissertation is basically all about it.  The idea being that most progressive/leftist movements eventually tie together as one big movement for a better world.  As an old Seattle protest slogan “Teamsters and Turtles Unite” reminds me, these days totally different causes can often trace connections between themselves.

But today, I’m finding myself tugged between the teamsters on one hand and the ‘turtles’ on the other, because Airbus are about to cut 10,000 jobs.  This is terrible news for manufacturing and engineering, except that the job cuts an aspect of otherwise good news: plane orders are down.  Why is this good? Because the less planes there are, the less people can fly.  Environment 1 – Workers 0: Unity between diverse movements – forget it.

I guess you could say that this is tough luck for the workers, who are victims to capitalism, or that we should be finding them new jobs (this I agree with), but it still creates a situation where I naturally want to support workers despite the immense damage their jobs will cause to the environment.  How can ‘we’ win when such collisions of interests arise?


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  • 1. Jonathan  |  Saturday, 17th March 2007 at 12:02 UTC

    question: is the shutting of this plant the result of problems with the company possibly leading to its collapse? or – as is more likely – the company needs to cut a few costs and the workers are the first to go?

    I see it the same as striking workers in any other industry. for as long as capitalism exists I support peoples’ struggles to improve their lives.

    I don’t need to support Tesco to support people striking for better pay there – how is this different?


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