Has Blair gone insane?!

Friday, 23rd March 2007 at 15:05 UTC 5 comments

“Falklands war was right” – Blair

I can’t be reading this.  I really can’t be reading this.  Oh my God, what is Blair doing?  There is no reason whatsoever for him to even consider commenting on the Falklands, let alone praise Thatcher.  Has he forgotten which party he’s meant to be representing?  Or has he finally decided to admit that he’s Tory Plan B?  Is this the kind of worshipping we’re going to get if The Great Lady passes away before he leaves office?  Surely this is a case for declaring him insane!  The guy is clearly deluded and lacking any grasp on reality whatsoever.  Get me out of here before he starts praising the Suez disaster!


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  • 1. Greg  |  Friday, 23rd March 2007 at 16:53 UTC

    I make no comment on the rightness or otherwise of the Falklands conflict, but “Maggie did it” shouldn’t preclude a Labour PM from seeing something as right, and shouldn’t force them to do the opposite. I’m sure you get as annoyed as I do when politicians contradict the other party just for the sake of it, and label them as the vote-grabbing opportunists they are.

  • 2. Graham Martin  |  Saturday, 24th March 2007 at 3:43 UTC

    OK, maybe I didn’t do enough to clearly state that I think the Falklands, by simple geographical logic, have more to do with Argentina, and that the idea that they somehow belong to ‘us’ is totally absurd. So is fighting a war 18,000 miles away where the biggest winner is a French bomb-making corporation.
    My only reason for mentioning Thatcher is that Blair mentioned her, otherwise I’d have gladly spent the whole of my post discussing why I think claiming ownership of rocks that half your population think are “somewhere off the coast of Scotland” is wrong.
    How can it be right to defend their sovereignty as part of Britain when we once failed to recognise their sovereignty and took them as part of our kingdom?

  • 3. Graham Martin  |  Sunday, 25th March 2007 at 16:29 UTC

    By way of an interesting addendum, I went to see Martyn Joseph last night and he talked a little about the conflict, and how 280 British service personnel were killed there, and yet 320 have committed suicide since. Maybe we should ask Blair for his comments on this situation, seeing as we’re already seeing Iraq Vet’s killing themselves, and this will likely only get worse.

  • 4. Greg  |  Sunday, 25th March 2007 at 19:46 UTC

    Aha, so your quarrel is actually with holding onto far-flung colonies, an entirely different argument than that of whether Maggie doing something stops His Toniness from doing it – and an issue I have no desire to debate.

    And yes, I heard about MJ. I’m disappointed that out of the lot of you, nobody told me :-p

  • 5. bill  |  Thursday, 5th April 2007 at 7:33 UTC

    Why are you Brits so in love with your silly ‘debate’ thing?
    ‘greg’ whoever you are, you need to deal with your narcissism.
    While you fools are arguing about nothing, Blair is becoming Stalin and Hitler combined.
    Wake up, dolts.


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