Where do all the Union-hacks go to?

Saturday, 24th March 2007 at 16:50 UTC 4 comments

I’m guessing a fair proportion of those reading this blog are students.  I’m also guessing that many of you are at Bradford, and that many of the remainder are at York.  Anyhow, I thought I’d let you all in on a little secret (OK, its not technically a secret, just a secret-of-convenience).  There’s an internet discussion board known as EdNet where Union officers and other generally Union obsessed students go to argue and plot and so forth.  I’d recommend it, though some debates are truly boring.  Anyhow, some things we’ve learnt lately on EdNet:

  •  It was here that we discovered Hannah Tweddell, Bradford’s Women’s Officer was standing for National Treasurer.  The manifesto document is so big that it has to be uploaded/downloaded as five separate files, and so her’s is in the last batch. She’s on pages 3-4, and the current president of NUS is on pages 1&2.
  • Apparently York University had a row with YUSU over its No Platform policy some years ago after students picketed a lecture hall during a meeting with a racist Tory MP.
  • Banning the BNP from campus may actually be very difficult, and could technically be subjected to a legal challenge.
  • Apparently Bradford is being over-run by an infestation of free love (haven’t seen any, will report if I do), revolution (this is more true, I occasionally find fliers for the vodka bar on the path by the Sports Centre) and a faction even less Bradford students have heard of than the faction which one of my lecturers claims controls the Union.

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  • 1. Sophia  |  Sunday, 25th March 2007 at 17:05 UTC

    Which lecturer?

  • 2. Graham Martin  |  Sunday, 25th March 2007 at 17:11 UTC

    Professor Jenny Pearce, herself the one-time President of University of Manchester Students Union, during its last political heyday. I’m told she was nearly black-listed for this.

  • 3. Greg  |  Sunday, 25th March 2007 at 19:43 UTC

    Which MP?

  • 4. Graham Martin  |  Monday, 26th March 2007 at 2:50 UTC

    Can’t remember, and haven’t time to go looking. Its in the debate entitled “NUS No Platform illegal” or something similar, might be on the second or third page. Go read EdNet yourself, you know you want to!


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