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Friday, 30th March 2007 at 9:00 UTC 3 comments

I’m getting annoyed by the number of people who’ve told me that I should be careful about what I do online because I might not get job offers if potential employees see what I’ve done. Apparently this is becoming more of a reason to hide your off-line identity than the risk of sexual abuse or desire for escapism. Its just I really don’t feel like hiding who I am for the sake of getting a job.

OK, so its probably a bit different if you’re an IT professional with way-out-left views, since there’s few IT jobs in that area, and many more in the Centre-Right area of the business spectrum. But anyhow, I really don’t want to go hiding who I am simply so I can get a job. I’m even told that creating a clean online persona can help you get jobs. I guess if I did that I’d be creating myself some kind of web-of-deceit to go by. It just all seems so petty.

I actually had someone ask me to remove their name from a previous website where I’d quoted an online debate, because she thought it would hurt her job prospects. Seeing as she was and is working in the voluntary sector on kids projects (I think, its been a while), it seems odd anyone would penalise her because I quoted her. But hey, some people are really vain, and perhaps I can get away with adding, they’re also unprincipled.

I’m proud to say that I’m not going to change how I look online simply to make myself look better to people researching me. If anyone wants to employ me, I’d rather they discarded me because of my beliefs than made me feel shit because of them. I’ve quit jobs before because I was stupid enough not to stick to my principles when an agency rang me; in future I’d rather my principles prevented me getting the job in the first place. So if you want to employ me, please read the list of Facebook groups I’m in first, you might learn something about whether you and I could get on enough.


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Remind me why we think they’re ours? The anger suddenly flows back…

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  • 1. Greg  |  Saturday, 31st March 2007 at 10:48 UTC

    Well, when I google your name I get lost in all the other British Graham Martins out there, whereas typing in “Greg Melia” gets a goodly number of pages devoted to my own dear self. I just hope no future employers have anything against cyclists or christians.

    Of course, I’d never take an offer of an unprincipled job :-{

  • 2. Helen  |  Sunday, 1st April 2007 at 20:42 UTC

    Tut tut, Graham, apostrophes are for abbreviations (eg. I’m, you’re, can’t, won’t) and possessive nouns (Graham’s, Greg’s, Girls’ Brigade) but never for plurals, verbs, or for possessive pronouns for that matter.

    Other than that, interesting entry 🙂 Personally I wouldn’t want to work with an employer who had a problem with my principles but if it comes to my private life there may be some things I’d disclose on Facebook that I wouldn’t tell an employer, because even though I don’t know all the random “friends” on Facebook that well I trust them enough with what I’ve put up and don’t think that all of them are terribly interested in my favourite quotes from Pirates of Penzance… On the other hand, I wouldn’t let my employer see my Facebook profile ’cause it’s none of her business. And I complain about work in my status all the time 🙂

  • 3. Greg  |  Thursday, 5th April 2007 at 13:35 UTC

    Oh dear. Someone apart from me is correcting apostrophes. Hi Helen!


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