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Monday Action: Plastic Bags? No thanks!

See also Monday Actions for more.

Inspired by the Devonshire town of Modbury and my general annoyance at the number of times I’m asked if I want a carrier bag in shops, I’ve decided that its time every else took on the challenge of turning down plastic carrier bags as often as possible.  When you’re offered a bag at the checkout, Just Say NO! (more…)


Monday, 30th April 2007 at 9:00 UTC 1 comment

We apologise for delays to this service…

Well, I figured it was time to post some form of apology to anyone who bothers to check by this blog daily.  Due to the strains of deadlines, etc.  I have been unable to find the time to post anything.  However, there’s a list of topics in my head again, and hopefully some time in my diary over the next week.  All being well, a Monday Action will appear tomorrow.

Sunday, 29th April 2007 at 18:12 UTC 1 comment

Putin appears to attack “democratic ideology”

Just a brief note in the middle of much of life’s chaos, as I just spotted that Putin has used his annual national address to speak plainly against those who he sees as putting democracy before economic stability: “Not everyone likes the stable, gradual rise of our country,” he said. “There are some who are using the democratic ideology to interfere in our internal affairs.” (Quoted on BBC News).

Does anyone else hear the potent mix of double speak and an attack on what it truly means to be a democracy?  The rise of exactly what?  Organised crime and corruption? It appears he feels threatened by those seeking wider democracy within the country.  I guess its rare we see the power-crazed speaking so candidly.

Thursday, 26th April 2007 at 13:06 UTC Leave a comment

Quick thoughts on false dichotomies

Sorry this isn’t a ‘neater’, ‘tidier’ post, but this is all I’ve got just right now.  Dichotomies are the kind of things humans seem to do rather well; the over simplification of the relationship between two assumed polar opposites.  Three have cropped up in my conversations lately, and I wonder if you can identify any others that might have come up in yours. (more…)

Wednesday, 25th April 2007 at 9:00 UTC Leave a comment

Behold your saviour (or maybe dictator)

Chavez.  Yes, the guy in Venezuela.  He done this thing right.  He shut down a private TV channel.  Now, I’m not saying that the TV men were any good or anything, but, like, I don’t feel too good about this.

Yes, my friends, Hugo Chavez, proclaimed as saviour of Latin America by so many on the left, has just shown us his darker side.  I don’t f—in care if the TV station in question was a mouth piece for right wingers who oppose his (and I mean this) brilliant social policies. (more…)

Tuesday, 24th April 2007 at 14:02 UTC 5 comments

Monday Action: Continue Opposing the BNP

See also the Monday Action page.

Well done to anyone and everyone who’s managed to do something towards my super-popular (like over 100 visits not from StumbleUpon) anti-BNP Monday Action.  But the election is still to happen and far more needs to be done.  The following is a list of stuff you can do in York, but this is generally a reminder to spend some of the next 10 days putting just a bit of effort into ensuring the BNP don’t continue to divide our societies. (more…)

Monday, 23rd April 2007 at 9:01 UTC 1 comment

FairTrade and the African Dream

This is a heavily edited version of an original story. It would have been great if I’d only written it better the first time. Anyhow, its getting submitted for a magazine.

During FairTrade Fortnight the BBC website ran some articles looking at the issues around FairTrade. In one of them, they asked a representative of the right-wing Adam Smith Institute to give their views on FairTrade. He claimed that it was keeping Africa poor, preventing some pre-ordained transition to urban industry across the continent. So should we really encourage Africans to keep farming? (more…)

Sunday, 22nd April 2007 at 9:00 UTC 6 comments

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