What counts more, the money or the people?

Monday, 2nd April 2007 at 22:18 UTC 1 comment

As the corporate media congratulates Hilary Clinton on raising disgusting amounts of campaign dollars, I’ve just been doing a quick email check to see if Obama’s campaign has anything to say. I guess I should explain straight away that I’m an Obama fan through and through, and would gladly throw dollars across the Atlantic if my shoulder wasn’t hurting too much to throw a tissue at the bin and I wasn’t this skint!

Well, I’m pleased to announce that team Barack is still talking the talk, even if the promises are a bit overinflated. But that campaigns still going in the right general direction, declaring people and ideas more than the size of donations. Its the commitment that Barack is managing to get from ordinary citizens that’s exciting me more than the guy himself. Hilary, on the other hand, looks all too much like a run-of-the-mill corporate-pocket candidate. Elections are a rubbish way of deciding anything, but given whats on the table, I’d pick the campaign about vision and team work any day.

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  • 1. unlearned  |  Wednesday, 4th April 2007 at 9:21 UTC

    Im not much in the know about Obama, but I was wondering if you had read the freakonomics chapter on money and elections. It was found that more money didnt win elections, but more the other way round. I found it interesting and suprising. Anyhoo, I was also interested to know of Obama’s background, is he not the same ivy league, loaded, secret society kind of candidate as everyone else? Again, my lack of knowledge knows no limits. I was also interested in how else you would decide things, in an ideal world? Cheers for the post.


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