Election time is here!

Wednesday, 18th April 2007 at 9:00 UTC 4 comments

Yes, in just a few short weeks, a lot of us will (or should) be heading to the polls for a crucial round of elections.  Here’s some thoughts of mine for you to take, consider and probably discard, as you make up your own mind on who to vote for.  Yes, its that bit where I express preferences in polls I ought to have nothing to do with…

Right, lets get this started.  First up, its the huge issue of the BNP.  If there’s one reason why you should be out campaigning in any capacity, its the BNP.  And I mean campaigning, not just voting.  Voting is the bare minimum, campaigning is where you really start to take part in the process of opening up public debate on the future direction of society, though usually more so outside elections.

And you should be.  Because its when we do nothing that evil invades our lives, and the BNP, with their long list of violent criminals in leadership positions, are attempting to infest a large number of new places, including York, as well as continue with some old ones, including Bradford.  And there’s even worse to found in some other places.  So either leaflet with a general anti-BNP campaign like UAF, make up your own leaflets, or go help out one of the parties.

In the Cities: tips and pointers

UKIP are also a racist party, and have little to offer that the Tories don’t, so vote Tory.  Also, they’re a Euro-party with national ambitions.  I really don’t like having the same parties contesting all three spheres, even two of them for that matter.

Greens, for the time being, are still very much a local party, and have a record of listening in places where national party politics takes over from local opinion for the “Big Three”.  Andy D’Agorn, while by no means perfect, has been an amazing breath of fresh air in York, and we need more (and perhaps better) like him, which the Greens have in abundance.

Also, the Greens stand to lose out in places where people are scared of a BNP push.  Still vote for them if the BNP are standing, as the BNP will relish coming above the Greens.  Plus, they’re the only party which is going anywhere near far enough on the environment. And yes, they really should be going further.

As to Reds, well, there’s not much out there to choose from.  I’d go Green in almost every place where there’s the option, but some individual RESPECT council candidates are worth a look, even if the Galloway-link makes you want to puke.

As to the York Lib-Lab tussle, please don’t delude yourself with the idea that returning to Labour will do anything to help the city.  Apart from anything else, it will only give pleasure to Hugh Bayley MP, and we don’t really need to let the pressure off of him, even if he didn’t vote for Trident Replacement.  It is my firm belief, as someone who remains a sceptic free-lancer in elections, that the Greens will do York better.


Not to be confused with my views on the BNP, my views on the Scottish Elections are very simple: Vote SNP.  When the referendum happens, I shall be up in Scotland campaigning for the Yes vote, because then Wales will be next in line to accede, and Yorkshire will be next in line for a Regional Assembly.  And we need one!  You Scots know just how much better your economy is doing under Holyrood.

Now, I understand that things are rather more complex in Scotland than they are in England.  So I’d suggest you go with SNP on the constituency ballot, and the Scottish Greens on the top-up ballot.  Freedom is nothing if it can’t be enjoyed, and Climate Change will not stop because of devolution.


Bit more difficult.  BNP threats exist here, and Plaid aren’t brilliant, but I’d still say Plaid and the Greens are the best ways to go.  I know Labour have a strong following Wales, but its no good relying on an English party to deliver for the people of one of the most forgotten corners of the British Isles.

Anyhow… thats enough tipping and suggesting.  Just remember, get out and vote, and if possible, get out and campaign before that.  I know that private voting is important to lots of people, but until we get dialogue going, we’ll never have true participation in elections.  And if you’re standing anywhere at all, then good luck. Unless you’re BNP.


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“This city will be in a state of Worship-Carnival” Spare a moment…

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  • 1. Jonathan  |  Friday, 20th April 2007 at 16:05 UTC

    When the referendum happens, I shall be up in Scotland campaigning for the Yes vote, because then Wales will be next in line to accede, and Yorkshire will be next in line for a Regional Assembly. And we need one!


    we do? since when?

    I really don’t see what adding yet another level of bureaucracy onto the state will do for anyone. Except would-be politicians who can’t get in at the local, national, or European levels.

  • 2. non-voter  |  Friday, 27th April 2007 at 0:59 UTC

    wow great anarchism in practice. you sure know a lot about all these parties. ever thought about how voting at all is a system sustaining act?

  • 3. Alasdair  |  Friday, 27th April 2007 at 21:43 UTC

    On Scotland …

    … I must disagree. Vote SNP on the constituency, Vote SNP on the Regional, Vote SNP as first choice on the Local Council.

    That way we make sure that Labour get humped in the same way as the evil tories did in 1997, Jack McConnell is joke and he keeps bringing blair and brown up to ‘help’ out in his campaign – don’t they have a country to run?

    You should hear the campaigning up here! Labour are a flaming joke, without going into detail they don’t seem to have clue about what the electorate are thinking and they, they don’t have a clue on the council tax, and they are rude and obnoxious … just go onto you tube and look up “Jack McConnell” and “Cathy Jamieson”, these are our politcal ‘elite’ 🙄

  • 4. Graham Martin  |  Saturday, 28th April 2007 at 15:41 UTC

    I must add that I too have found the Scottish Labour attitude to be patronising and wholly off-putting. And the reliance on Westminster politicians to promote the party is a clear sign of the outside interference that Labour still feels is acceptable for Scotland. Its the 21st Century, not the age of colonialism!

    Perhaps this might be a better way of putting it: SNP in the Constituency, SNP if its between them and Labour in the Council Ballot, and one of the S-P’s on the Regionals (SNP, SGP, SSP).


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