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Background to British Oppression

Some of you, especially if from Bradford, may have seen stickers on lamp-posts talking about British Oppression, an organisation set up to oppose anti-Islamic governmental policy. (You may also have seen the word “cancelled” written on the ones in the Morley Street area of Bradford, which is a lie). Anyhow, my good friend Jonny has kindly done some research and is proposing something interesting on his blog. I like to recommend people go read his post on the matter now.


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You’re never too old to Facebook

Following on from all the other Facebook related posts I seem to make; here are some thoughts on the recent accusation that Facebook is for younger people only. My friends list is a testament to the lack of truth in this: I’ve about a dozen friends over 30, most of whom are over 35. Yes, its can be a bit weird, but some of his reasons are very much non-reasons. Oh, and before anyone asks, yes, George Galloway is now my friend. Why? I’m still not entirely sure. But oh well. (more…)

Monday, 28th May 2007 at 9:01 GMT+0000 9 comments

How to become a media pawn

I was reading a story a couple of days ago about a man who has left various Islamist groups and subsequently written a book about his experiences and what he sees as the state of play between the government and these groups. Sadly, I feel a sense that his noble aims of exposing those who would seek to impose a violent and deadly Islamist State on Britain are being caught up in the state/media project of Islamophobia. (more…)

Sunday, 27th May 2007 at 9:00 GMT+0000 1 comment

RFID tags coming to a campus near you

The BBC was at a tech fair in London this week, and reported on several company’s prototypes for systems which allow RFID tags to be tracked using WIFI.  This scares me immensely.  Even worse, of the suggested uses for this technology, campuses and schools are high on the agenda. (more…)

Saturday, 26th May 2007 at 9:01 GMT+0000 2 comments

Across the world, parties losing touch

Read this story, about South African public sector workers protesting over the lack of substantial pay rise, and was interested by comment concerning the ANC party which represented Black South Africans through the last of the apartheid era, and were subsequently elected by about 85% to run the country.

On behalf of the largest Union representing the strikers, Cosatu, spokesman Patrick Craven said “The [ruling party] ANC seems to have lost touch with the people they represented through the anti-apartheid years,” he told the BBC. “Lots of well qualified people like teachers and nurses are leaving the country, yet the government still refuses to improve their pay and conditions.”


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Keele Uni threatens legal action on students

Some students at Keele have gotten dissatisfied with their lecturers.  So they’ve gone on Facebook and told the world what they think.  And then the University have threatened to sue them, because they didn’t use the right ‘channels’ for voicing their concern.  First it was School children who weren’t allowed to discuss their teachers, now its us Uni students.  And I thought attempts to curb Freedom of Criticism against religion was worrying. (more…)

Thursday, 24th May 2007 at 16:23 GMT+0000 2 comments

Downing Street Petition Site Rejects

Thought it might be amusing, having done a blog post on petitions, to look at some of the rejected petitions on the governments website, to see how many of them I’d like to sign.  The following may be vaguely offensive, somewhat amusing or a complete let down, but lets see where this gets us shall we? (more…)

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