Monday Action: Put the summer to good use

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UPDATE: Tent State UK has been postponed, new dates later.

Afternoon all. I guess its about that time when most people have either planned their summers or have gone ‘help, I’ve no idea what to do’ (or ‘help, I don’t have a summer’, in which case, accept my sympathy). Here below is a list of all the wonderful things you could do this summer, within the UK (so damnbusting in Iceland isn’t on the list, sorry!), to work towards making the world a better place.

The really cool thing about every one of these events is that you’ll meet people who are also trying to make the world a better place. None of them require you to get into fights with police, or even do any ‘actions’ (most need people to guard the base, as it were, while others go off and do their stuff). So here’s the list:

Tent State UK – An American invention that opposes war and draws on a tradition of colourful, canvas based, campus occupations dating to the Civil Rights movement, its coming to Britain this summer. Though other places are having the odd night of Tent State, Sussex are going the extra mile, and I’ll be helping take workshops at their event, which will last from about Saturday 26th May to about Sunday 3rd June. (POSTPONED).

Its all about “Education not War”, and but there’s quite a range of workshops planned between Monday 28th May and Friday 1st June (and the G8 protest in London is the next day, btw), so thats the best time to be around for.

STRIDENT – The Student Blockade of Trident

Having just had to announce the postponement of Tent State UK, I’ve been reminded to tell everyone to go up to Faslane.  While I’m not the biggest fan of Faslane 365, and will be blogging my concerns on this some time, I may have my arm twisted into attending to provide media capacity.  The dates, I believe, are 28th June to 3rd July.  Click here for more.

Climate Camp – Yes, my friends, its back. When? 14th to 21st August. Where? Dunno yet. Why? Because we’d really like to get into the field, set up at least one marquee and then get some sleep before the police start asking questions. Its will almost certainly be south of Birmingham, that much we do know. It will not be targeting consumers, instead focusing on the industries involved in wrecking the climate.

All I can say is that, if you missed last time, then make a big effort to be there, because its gonna be huge, and its gonna be amazing whatever happens.  Don’t miss it! There’ll be big protests, little protests, lots of training events, and more. It’ll be a great event for people who’ve never done anything like this before.

Defence Systems & Exports International – My friends, its back! The arms sellers bazaar will be open for business in London’s Docklands. Its the 11th to 14th September, a whole day longer than previously, just to allow people to make those extra few deals. And they won’t be stopping to reflect on the 11th either.

I’d really recommend this as something small and meaningful. If you’re less of an activist and more of a lobbyist, this event has an amazing attraction: the Docklands Light Railway. Last time I actually managed to beat a UK government arms buyer in a debate, just before he got off to go to his hotel. With 10,000 dealers around in London, they’re easy to find and what you do with them is (within the law) up to you. Just don’t carry Pringles cans around with you (don’t ask!).

European Social Forum – This isn’t in the Summer, but its worth an early mention. Assuming everyone gets off their backsides, there’ll be an ESF in Rome in the autumn. There’ll be a few coaches from Britain, including one from Leeds if I can arrange it. The dates will be something like the first weekend in November, and it’ll be from the Thursday to the Sunday. That means the coach journey will start on Wednesday and arrive home on Monday.


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