The Government is also cracking down on cyclists

Friday, 18th May 2007 at 2:00 UTC 2 comments

Turns out that its not just Virgin who are being ridiculously petty at the expense of cyclists. The government are about to authorise an update of the Green Cross Code. The Green Cross Code is supposed to be the guide to safe road use, and is technically enforceable under the highways act.

However, they’re changing the section on cycling, which used to state that a cyclist could ride in the centre of the inside lane if they felt more comfortable doing so. Instead, they want us to cycle within the cycle lane where provided, or presumably as close to the curb as possible where one isn’t. This is proven to lead to more road deaths amongst cyclists, and simply isn’t safe. Please sign this petition to the Prime Minister as part of various attempts to prevent this new Code being authorised.

In particular, it will prevent parents from cycling alongside their children, making children less safe on busy roads. All round, this change seems to be designed to ensure that car drivers can drive without consideration towards cyclists, and at a time when the government is supposed to be discouraging car use in favour of the very cyclists who’s lives they are putting at risk.

I’ve recently caused a bit of a stir with the whole debate about smoking in pubs and shisha and so forth. If the smoker is automatically in the wrong for causing cancer, surely the car driver, as a contributor to the massive rates of child asthma and also to cancer, should be treated the same way and forced to give way to cyclists. Seems only fair. Why should cyclists be forced to stick to the edge of the road when they aren’t the ones causing climate change?


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  • 1. Greg  |  Saturday, 19th May 2007 at 12:00 UTC

    My dad just rung me up, and said he’s forwarding what looks like a letter from my MP in Sheffield (Nick Clegg, Lib Dem). I suspect it will be a) Something forwarded from Alistair Carmichael (who received a letter from me months ago about this, via Nick Clegg) trying to get me to vote lib dem ‘because they like cyclists’, or b) something forwarded from Stephen Ladyman, trying to make the fact that he ignored my letter (via Nick Clegg and Alistair Carmichael) look good. Humph.

  • 2. betterthangod  |  Tuesday, 24th March 2009 at 6:37 UTC

    Typical incredibly one sided cyclists opinion.
    See what it’s like from another viewpoint.


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