Monday Action: Act to stop climate chaos

Monday, 4th June 2007 at 9:06 UTC Leave a comment

See also Monday Actions.

This Friday has been declared an international ‘Day of Action’ on the climate. So, even if you can’t do something spectacular with a big group of people, do something little instead. Doesn’t have to be spectacular, could be just a case of going for a bike ride instead of using fossil-fuel powered transport.

The only limits are that it has to be focused on stopping climate chaos and it needs to be something that will have a direct impact: the time for talking is over (the US have already declared their intention to sabotage any meaningful agreement) and the time for action is here. Neither is this the time for partial fixes and delay-programs, like Off-setting, 787’s, bio-fuels and carbon-capture.

There’ll be actions happening all day, and you’ll be able to find out what, along with all the other events going on throughout the G8 on Global & German IndyMedia, with translations on UK Indymedia.

Also, stick the dates for climate camp in your diary: 14th to 21st August at Heathrow. Its going to be a mix of amazing and a bit weird/noisey/messy, but should be plenty of fun.

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