10 things we learnt this G8

Friday, 22nd June 2007 at 9:54 UTC 7 comments

The BBC news website does something called ‘10 things we didn’t know last week’. I was thinking, on the many train journeys that it took to get home, that maybe I could find 10 things that I’d learnt during the week.  So, here it is: 10 things I didn’t know last week, if you pretend that today is the 9th June 2007.  As you all know, punctuality isn’t my thing!

  1. It doesn’t matter whether they’re cooking alone or with another kitchen; Anarchist Teapot are the best autonomous vegan kitchen collective in the known Universe. Even the Germans had to admit it.

  2. Swedish Anti-fascists are scary. Their idea of ‘taking serious action’ exceeds even the Greek definition.

  3. A water cannon can take someone’s eye out. Literally. It just popped out. Less said the better.

  4. German Riot Police are scared of forests. Even if they’re prepared to chase you down a road, the second you turn off and into the trees, they stop.

  5. The German definition of ‘taking food out to an action’ means loading a van, driving to where a bunch of people are protesting, getting out a table, plates, cutlery, soup, salad, bread, spreads, an urn of tea, another of coffee, and even the sugar bowl and telling people to help themselves. (The British definition involves throwing around some chocolate and water).

  6. Some people believe that a plan B comes before a plan A. Sadly for them, plan A worked a bit too well, and plan B was never needed. Not perturbed, they tried to save face and do their best anyway.

  7. Running round forests and fields in small groups of protesters, only to be confronted by police arriving by helicopter can feel reminiscent of Veitnam. Or just very surreal.

  8. When getting the train to a big protest, it is possible to fit 4 people on every pair of seats, 10 wherever their are 2+2 facing, and at least 7 lying on the overhead luggage luggage racks. Duetsche Bahn will provide as many carriages as they possibly can, but still not as many as you’ll need. They’ll also provide vintage loco’s to haul the trains.

  9. Having a five finger tactic is not a perverse concept, but rather a way of confusing cops by sending people to blockade in five waves. Oh to be on the third finger!

  10. German Black Blocs are more organised, and generally know what they’re doing. They even begin to represent some kind of order. Shocking. Anarchists who are organised and know what they’re trying to do? Never!

So, there’s a flavour of some of the weird and wonderful things that happened during the G8 this year. Sorry for the lack of postings while I was away; hopefully over the next few days I’ll be posting a series of reflections on other aspects of my G8 trip.


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Celebrating other People’s Festivals And somewhere in Somerset

7 Comments Add your own

  • 1. moi  |  Saturday, 23rd June 2007 at 2:30 UTC

    on point one: get your petty local “nationalism” out of your system! you just like the anarchist teapot cuz they are english.

    on point two: swedish antifa do some crazy shit, yet they lack the mass militancy of the greeks, french, italians, spanish and to a lesser degree the german scene. also a lot of their theory is from the stone age.

    as you were,


  • 2. Graham Martin  |  Monday, 25th June 2007 at 1:16 UTC

    You might be taking this too seriously, the whole post is meant to be light hearted. That said, on a blog which is usually full of very dry serious postings, maybe that doesn’t come across.

    As to the kitchens, liking local stuff doesn’t mean your being nationalist, if anything it can mean you favour the things which make your community your own rather than part of a mass market or uniform state or whatever. And I heard no end of Germans praising Tea-pot, along with just about every other nation on the camp. Some of the German kitchens really need to start using herbs and spices rather than just cooking two different kinds of veg and pasta.

  • 3. Duck  |  Thursday, 28th June 2007 at 16:57 UTC

    old trains? cool.

  • 4. Greg  |  Monday, 2nd July 2007 at 21:41 UTC

    Oh dear, don’t tell me you’re a train nerd as well.

  • 5. Graham Martin  |  Monday, 2nd July 2007 at 22:25 UTC

    Its the not the train nerdiness thats being displayed in the above comment, its the very Christian response on another recent posting that’s worrying me.

  • 6. Greg  |  Tuesday, 3rd July 2007 at 23:39 UTC

    Which one? The festivals one or the vegan one?

    And Graham, the train nerdiness doesn’t worry you because you’re the nerdiest train nerd of all and you think that you’re not worrying. Some people, on the other hand, know better 😉

  • 7. Greg  |  Tuesday, 3rd July 2007 at 23:55 UTC

    Annoyingly, I may miss you at CM yet again this month, since I’m Summer Soul-ing. On the other hand, I don’t quite know what’ s happening on that day, so if I don’t turn up, text me which pub to turn up to afterwards.


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