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Monday Action: Sign the Petition against BAA’s injunction

This action didn’t get posted on Monday because the petition itself only started on Monday, but it only has 2 weeks to run, and the court hearing is tomorrow. For those of you who don’t know, the British Airports Authority (BAA) have decided to try and get an injunction against 5 million people to stop them protesting outside Heathrow Airport indefinitely. Please sign the petition immediately, and join the Facebook group against it.

The camp itself will still go ahead regardless, and plenty of people will still take some kind of action regardless of, or perhaps even because of, the injunction. You can read more about it on the following sites: Climate Camp, BBC News, Guardian.


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More G8 Stuff

Well, I said I’d write something else about my time at the G8 in Germany, and here it is. I think the most interesting things to comment on really have to be the ways in which different issues are totally different in Germany to here in the UK. The first, most obvious, of these is Palestine…


Tuesday, 31st July 2007 at 1:30 UTC 3 comments

Do fake clothes really exist?

I saw a headline in a paper the other day claiming that the police had destroyed £3million of ‘fake’ clothes. I think that headline says quite a lot really. First, the people we’re supposed to believe are here to make our lives safer are shown working with corporations to defend the atrocious prices people must pay for clothes. The other thing I think it says is that what matters about clothes, what makes them real, isn’t that they keep us warm and protect our modesty, but that they display a genuine brand name.


Monday, 30th July 2007 at 8:00 UTC 1 comment

More than a terrorist?

Well, it goes without saying, though I shall say it anyway, that I find the actions of the 7/7 bombers to be horrifying. But I think its still possible to misrepresent them, especially if you’re the media and being lazy.  This seems to have been the case with Look North on Friday night.


Sunday, 29th July 2007 at 0:22 UTC 1 comment

Commuters rejecting FairTrade

Perhaps I was being over-hopeful wen I acused fairtrade of losing its radical edge. Coming back from Somerset, I chatted with the trolley attendant on a Transpennine Express train.  He offered me a choice between FairTrade and Normal coffee, to which I responded “Oh, FairTrade definitely”. We got chatting…


Friday, 27th July 2007 at 9:00 UTC 3 comments

And somewhere in Somerset

I’d like to flatter myself with the thought that some of you might have realised that I haven’t written anything for absolutely ages.  The truth is, I’ve needed a break, and now I’ve had one, and right now, I’ve got some posts scrawled on a notebook I had with me while I was away over the last few days. So the grumbling returns. (more…)

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