And somewhere in Somerset

Thursday, 26th July 2007 at 0:36 UTC Leave a comment

I’d like to flatter myself with the thought that some of you might have realised that I haven’t written anything for absolutely ages.  The truth is, I’ve needed a break, and now I’ve had one, and right now, I’ve got some posts scrawled on a notebook I had with me while I was away over the last few days. So the grumbling returns.

And Yes, it was that time of year again, when I headed to Somerset (this time via a night in London, due to the weather).  To most of my non-Christian friends I say that I’ve been camping with friends. This code ensures I don’t have to explain why I love Soul Survivor so much, and maybe I’ll explain some day (soon?).

But one thing I have to relay is that a constant theme seemed to be having to stop doing stuff for a while just to make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons, and simply to remember that no vision, no dream, is worth working yourself to death over.  So I guess its time I got some sleep…


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