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Thursday, 2nd August 2007 at 0:38 UTC 9 comments

One of the things I like most about publishing a blog through WordPress is the wonderful array of stats that throws out for me to view. One of these is the list of things people were searching for when they arrived at this site. Its quite curious, though often a bit worrying, and yesterday was no different, so lets take a look…

graham’s grumbles comes up 3 times, which isn’t unusual, and I often wonder who these people are who remember my blog by its name when they come to visit; am I building a brand? I flatter myself!!!

york graham martin: (btw, no idea why they’re always lower case, but hey) it’s nice to know someone cares about me… hope its not a bunch of cops trying to connect me with anything like…

climate camp heathrow makes an appearance, which is cool, except maybe I should be careful or I might just get a mention on that wonderful injunction that BAA are so wonderfully screwing up.

“how would scottish independence effect e”: The one problem with the stats is the cut off that means I don’t know the crucial word. Its amazing how often Scottish Independence comes up, though. Further down the list is, no surprises, scottish independence debate.

how old is facebook – well, I can’t quite remember, and I don’t think I’ve ever reported the exact age of Facebook on this site. But what is interesting is the extent to which the social networking revolution and the Facebook element thereof has taken over this blog. Apologies to all none FB-using readers.

is shisha straightedge – I don’t know! What I can say is that personal freedom is not what I set out to write about, even if it seems all I write about some weeks.

bnp york is perhaps the most interesting recurring theme. During the council election period, I was getting this one maybe 5 times a day, often making it the only one I saw. I think I should possibly have made more of this: people who denied anyone was interested in the BNP in York should have seen my blog stats when the combination of similar search terms made up over half the searches a day.

But last of all, and perhaps more scary than anything else I’ve ever seen in the list, is this entry, which I presume has something to do with my writings on anti-slavery campaigns: straight male slave required. Or maybe someone stole my blog and wrote a post or two when I was gone, though I dread to thing what they would have written to get the above sort of attention.

Anyhow, that’s the list for yesterday, and sure it was a particularly interesting day (and not necessarily all in a positive way). Its useful to know what people want to read about, but I guess at the same time its probably better if I don’t just write about those things, after all, this is meant to be what I’m grumbling about, not what I think others want to hear grumbles on.

Footnote: I should point out that, AFAIK, this doesn’t include the things people were searching for while using a decent XSS blocker to stop Google spying on them, and whilst its nice to know what people want, its about time everyone used something like NoScript to prevent the unnecessary spying and ad-shoving they receive while online.

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  • 1. Duck  |  Thursday, 2nd August 2007 at 23:05 UTC

    I usually look you up on campus via ‘grahams grumbles’. There’s another site called Graham’s Grumbles – haven’t looked much but some sort of agony-aunt [uncle] I think?

    Capitals are annoying & unnecessary to type. Some search engines are case-specific so I wouldn’t usually use them.

    Looking up ‘bnp york’ does not mean you want to join or vote for them. It could equally be that you are curious about where they are standing, wish to find anti-BNP groups, wonder if they have a web site so you can see what they say their electoral platform actually is, etc etc etc.

    I don’t think Shisha is straight-edge, given that it’s used as a mood-altering substance, and many straight-edgers won’t use coffee. Of course, that would depend on how strict you are going to be, but if you are wondering and looking for someone else’s rules then you probably already know for yourself.

    How old is Facebook – earliest incarnation probably 2004. Try Wikipedia.

    Can’t help wth the straght male slave I’m afraid…

  • 2. Greg  |  Friday, 3rd August 2007 at 23:10 UTC

    Am I the only one who actually remembers your url?

  • 3. Graham Martin  |  Saturday, 4th August 2007 at 1:13 UTC

    Sophia has it bookmarked, Rich gets to it via bloglines. Don’t think many people enter it manually, so its possible. That said, I do get a slightly worrying number of readers anyway.

  • 4. Graham Martin  |  Saturday, 4th August 2007 at 17:17 UTC

    Greg, you know what’s really random? Someone just visited this blog after searching for you. I wonder what they were really looking for, and apologise for stealing them!

  • 5. Greg  |  Monday, 6th August 2007 at 8:42 UTC


    Someone was searching for me? The aliens are out to get me. They’re our leaders in disguise. Now is the time to take cover, and hide with my trusty M16 and plenty of ammo.

  • 6. Graham Martin  |  Tuesday, 7th August 2007 at 3:10 UTC

    I wouldn’t be half as worried as my dissertation tutor, who was equally placed in the “things people searched for” table. I don’t get how on earth he managed to appear in there.

  • 7. Duck  |  Tuesday, 7th August 2007 at 11:47 UTC

    4 was probably me. I noticed Greg had said elsewhere on here that he didn’t want to comment under his real name on account of it being not common enough, so I wondered what would show up on searching his full name.
    But it’s OK, I know where to find him anyhow.

  • 8. rachel  |  Wednesday, 8th August 2007 at 9:19 UTC

    I tend to find your blog by googling grahams grumbles – saves having too many bookmarks lying around cluttering up my web browser!

  • 9. Greg  |  Sunday, 12th August 2007 at 17:24 UTC

    Did I say that? When did I say it? My name’s already far round google – on the first page of matches, I come up through the chaplaincy, Christis and Revelation pages, and also from some posts on a cycling website, asking which brakes to buy. The second page also has the Broads Cruise and this blog.

    Actually Ceri, did you mean this page? :


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