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Where has all the news gone?

We’ve been listening to various radio stations in my house, thanks to a house mate relocating his digital radio to the kitchen. We’ve had some random stuff and some really great music, but what I’ve noticed is that so many of these stations have a really warped infotainment-based view of what makes for news. We’ve had David Beckham’s dad ahead of (and given double the time of) Freedom protesters in Burma, and we’ve had Lewis Hamilton’s Japanese GP win well above the Tory conference.



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More thoughts on Burma

Its seems things have taken a nasty turn in Burma. I say that it ‘seems’ because information leaving the country is actually becoming much more scarce, and the military are apparently arresting (maybe even shooting) people for having mobiles, and have shot dead at least one journalist deliberately. Also, because it appears that some soldiers have reneged and begun fighting against the military, which, if it spreads, would be a disaster for pacifism but a victory nonetheless.

(There’s an Emergency Demonstration in London, starting at 11.30am in Trafalgar Square, on Sunday, ending 2pm Battersea Park).


Saturday, 29th September 2007 at 7:58 UTC 1 comment

‘Monday’ Action: End Total Control in Burma

I need not recap the details; the situation in Burma is dire and within the next two weeks the country’s fate will be sealed one way or another: the road to freedom or the road to even greater tyranny for decades to come. While it is important that these move for freedom is by and of the people of Burma, we cannot simply sit by and watch. Because of its connections with Burma, it is vital that people start their own protests at their local Total petrol station.


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Brown on Burma

I have to start by saying that this post is a little overdue. Well, I did talk about the situation in Burma right when it started, but it was one of three signs of people power in the big wide world that I focused on. At that stage, this was simply an unusual protest, not a full blown Non-Violent Revolutionary Action being met with guns and tear gas. Am I glad the UK government has finally decided to speak out? Yes, in a way, but No in plenty of others.


Thursday, 27th September 2007 at 9:31 UTC 1 comment

Pipe Dreams

I’ve thought of writing about the many pipe-dreams people have for techno-fixes to Climate Change/Chaos. And now irony has just played the ultimate card. Pipes in the Ocean to bring cool water to the top. Yes people, we have a pipe dream for solving Climate Change which involves pipes! I’m sure I won’t be the only person to write a response with the above title.


Wednesday, 26th September 2007 at 18:33 UTC 2 comments

Give us this day our daily Megabytes

The One Laptop Per Child project made a significant announcement recently as it ventures forwards with its mission to get personal IT equipment into the hands of children across the poorest nations in the world. To me, this is a tough one, made more difficult by the environmental plus points to the new machines. At over $100 each, are there really not better uses for the money?


Tuesday, 25th September 2007 at 8:02 UTC 6 comments

Party conferences: less democracy, more glitz

Its rather saddening to be reading a report about the upcoming Labour party conference that makes the whole affair sound more like a pop-show than a real chance for grassroots members to intervene in deciding the direction of their party. We are now firmly in the age of closed committees deciding how parties should run, and stage management of conferences with glitzy show piece addresses and little real debate is becoming the most common denominator in all of this.


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