October at Graham’s Grumbles

Monday, 1st October 2007 at 7:58 UTC Leave a comment

Time for a few announcements. First, this blog is now just over 7 months old, and is now about the busiest its ever been, with page views per day regularly over 60, sometimes even 80+. Apart from anything else, this means that a lot of the regular readers didn’t see some of my earliest posts. This is probably a good thing for the most part, but there are exceptions to that rule.

I’ve looked through and found a few which I’d really like to revisit, so unless people are really against the idea, there’s going to be a few reposts, and a few of the originals will disappear in the process. Most are equally relevant now, some more so, some need a total refresh. I have a list of 7 from the first 5 weeks, and I suspect the list from the next batch to be about the same size. I would like to reiterate that these posts are those which haven’t had many views purely because they were here before most other people were. With any luck, there’ll still be a fresh post earlier in the day.

More generally, this blog is currently running a daily posting schedule, with a new post appearing (courtesy of WordPress letting me post-date) at about the start of the working day. Generally I schedule them for 9am, or a couple of minutes before. Also, I did try for a while to post a second post at 3pm, which was generally much shorter and a simple “saw this online, comment” type post. Occasionally weekend posts appear at midday because it feels better to do it that way.

Ideally speaking, I post something religious on Sunday, an action on Monday, and then mix of news-story-related posts, activism-related posts, social-trend-type post throughout the week. The last bit is not an exact science, much as I’d like to have such a clear posting schedule, with people logging on for the days that are most relevant to them. Obviously, today is a Monday, and the action post was last Friday, but thats just an example of flexibility.

The comments on the blog are getting more interesting (thanks everyone) and I’m considering a layout change to make recent comments more visible. I might look at other changes as well.

OK, the hard part: please can people stick comments on the bottom of here, or talk to me in person if you can, about what’s working, what’s not, schedules, layouts, even things like post-lengths, topics, stuff you liked (not necessarily stuff you agreed with), and any issues you want to hear more about. Particular concerns are the amount of religious posts and activism posts.

I hope this blog will have grown in readership by as much again in 7 months time, but thats not going to happen if I don’t improve the quality and stuff. Obviously I want to write some stuff and not others, but if there’s any topics or issues you want to see more or less of, or anything I’ve not touched, please shout up. And thanks for reading this blog, it means a lot to see so many page views.


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