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It makes you think…

Last July I shook the hand of the Chancellor of my University. Yesterday he was charged with terrorism and is facing a possible death sentence. Given the current state of affairs in Pakistan, I wouldn’t rate his chances too highly. Amongst the predictability of this world (yes, Facebook has the answer) suddenly things can change very suddenly. I just find this whole situation so disturbing, and yet I’ve only met the man in person for one brief moment.


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Idolising History

I’ve been struggling lately with the extreme tendency of activists to try and go back to historical cultural references which serve only to alienate new comers. The world of protest movements renews itself roughly every 2 years, and yet I keep hearing people make references to things which have long since gone in such terms; maybe by as many as 3 or even 5 such renewal cycles. One of these is the PGA Hallmarks, a document which supposedly united a huge range of people throughout part of the 90’s. (more…)

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Forgive us for we haven’t a clue

I spent last weekend at Church of England Youth Council, something I’ve had the privilege of doing annually for 3 years now, and which is probably coming to an end. This weekend, after 3 years of saying we would, the council finally got on and discussed ‘Homosexuality’. Indeed we got a nice shiny report to discuss which brought us up to speed with what the church has been saying and doing on the matter over the last 50 years.


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