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Why Easyjet is not ‘democratising’ air travel

I’ve been thinking about addressing this issue for quite a while. The myth perpetuates that low-cost airlines are somehow making air travel more affordable, and thus more accessible to the working class. This, it turns out, is complete nonsense, as I shall attempt to demonstrate. The same, by the way, is also true for NXEC and Virgin advance tickets and would be true for megabus if the full fare wasn’t still ridiculously cheap. With the aviation industry trying to look credible in the face of overwhelming scientific evidence that it must be all but shut down completely, the idea that somehow Easyjet, Jet2, Ryanair et al are good for society needs stamping on. (more…)


Saturday, 29th December 2007 at 15:08 GMT+0000 6 comments

A strange reminder

I want to talk about something which happened in church yesterday as we celebrated Christmas Day. It was a communion service, as we have every year at St Barnabas, and even the fact we hadn’t yet picked the carols before the service started wasn’t new to us; for something that happens only once a year, it was all rather ordinary. I went up to take the bread and the wine, and as I returned to my seat, I became aware of an older woman with a walking frame sat on the back pew. In the short space of a few minutes she reminded me how truly important Christ’s birth should be to us. (more…)

Wednesday, 26th December 2007 at 13:44 GMT+0000 Leave a comment

That time of year

Yes, once again the word Christmas is everywhere that its still allowed to be used, and the word “Festive” is being used in most of the rest. Yet so many people seem to find the festive season really difficult to cope with for one reason or another, and often its the family time or the financial stress that makes it worse. So why do we all still bother? (more…)

Monday, 10th December 2007 at 2:08 GMT+0000 1 comment

Hope in strange places

Well, its definitely nice that a few people have realised I haven’t posted in a while. Current plan is start again gradually. Its been a touch few weeks, for reasons I won’t go into, but some of you know anyhow. I have to admit, I’ve really struggled to find hope during this recent period; perhaps too much time spent on such an apocalyptic campaigning issue as Climate Change is not good. Its not like I didn’t have any ideas to post, and I’ve certainly come close to writing one of my standby bugbears, concerning Australia. And then, suddenly, in the place I least expected it, there’s  a glimmer of hope. (more…)

Monday, 3rd December 2007 at 16:07 GMT+0000 3 comments

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