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Casting the net wider

Yes friends, Climate Camp is still on my mind. Well, actually, I’ve done more on this camp in the last few weeks than I did on any previous camp of this sort more than a month before it began. Things are a mix of brilliant (you should definitely come be part of the utterly amazing thing that will be Camp ’08) and very problematic. But I still feel enthusiastic, and definitely know that we have it all to play for.



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Peace in a World of Minorities

A 15 year old has been found guilty of murdering a Goth Woman. What is highly significant is that the judge has acknowledged that her identity as a Goth was central to the crime. In a world of diverse identities, it is sadly no surprise that this should happen, nor that many people find this difficult to understand. (more…)

Friday, 28th March 2008 at 7:00 UTC 3 comments

Construction Danger Made Visible

It is a sad fact of life that sometimes an event which occurs regularly must occur once in the West before anyone really takes notice of it. In the case of the type of incident I’m referring to, its not just happened once in the West, its happened twice in just 10 days, and both times in America. Following on from the lethal crane collapse in New York city, a crane has collapsed in Miami.


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New Beginnings

Easter is meant to be a time of New Beginnings. For some, its a chance to newly begin stuffing themselves full of chocolate after a month and a half of abstinence. For others, its time to plant stuff in the gardens, as the summer nears. But after some months of absence, I feel now is about the time I should get writing this blog again.


Monday, 24th March 2008 at 7:00 UTC 1 comment

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