New Beginnings

Monday, 24th March 2008 at 7:00 UTC 1 comment

Easter is meant to be a time of New Beginnings. For some, its a chance to newly begin stuffing themselves full of chocolate after a month and a half of abstinence. For others, its time to plant stuff in the gardens, as the summer nears. But after some months of absence, I feel now is about the time I should get writing this blog again.

I guess a lot and a little has changed in the time since I was last writing. I’m writing this on a desktop at my parents’ flat where I’m now living. I’m still writing it in Windows Live Writer, and lamenting the fact that this computer’s operating system, keyboard and blogging software are all produced by the same infernal company. My laptop, however, might well be consigned to a better fate once the hard-drive is replaced, and I hopefully move to Ubuntu or similar.

When I was last writing, we’d just witnessed an uprising in Burma. I recently read that nothing much has changed in Burma, much to the annoyance of the UN envoy who has just visited the country again. But we have another people group acting in defiance of tyranny: the Tibetans. Sadly, they are fairing no better it seems, with the West once again making wholly inadequate responses.

Some things have definitely changed. For a start, it sunny here, and I’m waiting on phone calls from agencies about work. And not only has the location and dates for the next Climate Camp been declared, but a bunch of Christians might actually manage something truly inspiring while we’re down there. Oh, and we’ve proven the Evening Standard to be liars. OK, maybe that’s not change at all.

And, while there’s been some shaky moments, Obama might actually be going to come out on top when the Democratic National Convention occurs on the weekend we Brits think of as the August bank holiday. I’m currently reading his book, and finding that I really do like his fresh approach, with values that seem neither stuffy nor overly conservative and a writing style which means I can only recommend “The Audacity of Hope” to anyone who likes reading inspiring political literature.

Also, Respect have finally imploded so maybe the alliance between Islamism and the left in the UK can be declared over. My own student’s union appears to have exorcised the ghost of authoritarian leftism finally, and York’s has elected a pirate as president in blatant defiance of the establishment which has threatened to consume the whole organisation at times.

And Graham’s Grumbles is back for at least the next couple of weeks, in a new three-times-weekly schedule, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I guess I’d better get writing…


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  • 1. Greg  |  Wednesday, 26th March 2008 at 0:14 UTC

    Oh good, something to disagree about. The pirate is a self-satisfied arse. And I hope you ended up outside the chinese embassy on Wednesday morning when you were down in London.

    That’s good news about Respect though.


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