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Extinguishing the Flame

The last week has seen so much news about the Olympic Torch and its tribulations in Europe, that it seems almost inevitable that I write this post now. Some of the images were quite inspiring, I felt, particularly the Golden Gate Bridge scenes, with protesters flying banners on the side of the bridge. Others were quite gruelling, like the images of a protester in Paris with blood around his mouth, still crying out for freedom in Tibet. The small snatched images of protesters for other causes, especially Burma and the Falun Gong; People standing up to state-led oppression that lacks the draw of the Tibet campaign. (more…)


Sunday, 13th April 2008 at 23:55 UTC 6 comments

No time to loose

(I rushed so much didn’t even manage a title!)

I just rushed for the train. Its not the first time my rail journey has begun with a leap from the platform, through the door, onto my train; I very much doubt it will be the last time I do it either. My NXEC (hence the Wifi) train is now hurrying north. I just came from the first half of an event that I only just managed to squish in between, and somewhere between bike park and train seat, I lost my right cycle clip. Life is going just a little too fast… (more…)

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