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Must money define me?

Capitalism wants me to see myself as a consumer, demanding things be cheaper, bigger, better, faster, and, well, even cheaper still. Socialism, and Communism, on the other hand, want me to see myself as being, well, a worker, demanding more pay, more holiday pay, more sick pay, the same pay for fewer hours, the same pay for less stress. Whilst I do prefer the latter approach, it doesn’t really feel like its a different way of seeing the world, merely a counter argument designed to perpetuate an underlying norm; that ones economic role in society is ones primary definition. (more…)


Wednesday, 28th May 2008 at 9:37 GMT+0000 4 comments

“That’s Catholic” is no excuse

I had a chat last night with a friend who’s from a Roman Catholic background and is now a priest in the Church of England. We ended up discussing the issue of concelebration – having multiple priests celebrating communion together, saying the words in unison. Sadly its a practice that, despite being at best entirely desirable, and at worst, in no way ruled out by the bible, has come to be sneered at simply for being too Catholic. (more…)

Thursday, 15th May 2008 at 15:47 GMT+0000 1 comment

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