Your cash crops or your kids!

Friday, 27th June 2008 at 13:30 UTC Leave a comment

There’s something quite disturbing about this story I read a while back: a man who has been told by the American’s that the crop he grows on what little land he has is now illegal, being forced to sell his 6 year old daughter into a future-marriage; the off-loading of a largely Western problem onto the poorest and least able to cope, moreover the almost deliberate targeting of the poorest and not the incredibly rich middle-men.

Its a trade that always confounds my sense of values, between freedom to choose (what we consume) and freedom from oppression in the West (for Heroin dealers are oppressive) and freedom for oppression by the West (specifically, its policies that condemn others to poverty). While there doesn’t seem a simple answer, and I certainly recognise that Heroin is a massively dangerous drug, I can’t help but feel that somehow, given the impossibility of growing anything else in Afghanistan, that such policies are completely stupid.


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