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What a waste

Gordon Brown has started sounding just like my Mum! Yes, that’s right, he’s giving everyone lectures on not wasting their food. Which means that for one rare moment, I actually whole heartedly support what he’s saying. “There are kids in this world who don’t have food to eat, so don’t you dare throw that away”, I can almost hear him saying. So yeah, stop throwing out good food. And start using up food that’s nearly out of date. And don’t just buy stuff for the hell of it. (more…)


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Refreshingly deleted

Having just said I had a lot of posts saved on RSS to write blog posts from, I’ve now deleted a whole chunk, maybe as many as 10, and they all had one thing in common: Anglican Squabbling. It should be an event at the Olympics. Its just pissing me off. All these people threatening to do everything under the sun because their narrow reading of the bible isn’t the only one being used. The attempts to twist what everyone else is saying. Grumble. (more…)

Thursday, 17th July 2008 at 7:13 UTC 2 comments

I guess its what you value

The wonderful Joseph Rowntree Foundation released a study a few weeks back and I’ve decided to go through its findings and see how they compare to my life. Its a report on the cost of living for each of a range of different example people. In this, I’ll be focusing on the single working male and thinking about some stuff I do and don’t spend money on. Lets see how I fare… (more…)

Wednesday, 16th July 2008 at 11:13 UTC 3 comments


I’ve decided on a clear out of some of the random stories I’ve flagged to mention in Bloglines. From Asparagus on Mars, to Orang-utans in court, here’s some of what I never quite find time to blog about. (more…)

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Yesterday At Synod

These can hardly be complete reflections, but I hope they shed some light on what is otherwise quite an alien and difficult world to understand through the lens of a media which understands it much less than its prepared to admit. Also, its no longer ‘yesterday’; I am, of course, writing about Monday 7th July and the House of Bishops motion on Women Bishops.

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Synod Sunday

Before I get around to posting about Monday’s Women Bishops debate, how about a quick recap of Sunday afternoon. Two debates took place, one on ‘Church Tourism’ and one on ‘Climate Change and Security’. These were followed by a series of legislative debates, which I skived. Well, lets face it, I didn’t really skive, I just wasn’t exercising my right to sit on the public gallery. (more…)

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Cometh the day, Cometh the schism…

Well either I’ve been avoiding the subject, or utterly bereft of words to describe how difficult the current situation that the Church of England has found itself in over the last few weeks. But in just a few short hours, General Synod will open in York, and not having an opinion will be simply impossible. With Bishops threatening to boycott Lambeth (the decade-ly worldwide meeting of Anglican Bishops) and with each side calling the other immature, its just getting more and more messy. And like anything involving a power struggle, it is those at the bottom who will suffer the most. (more…)

Friday, 4th July 2008 at 14:36 UTC 1 comment

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