What a waste

Friday, 18th July 2008 at 7:38 UTC Leave a comment

Gordon Brown has started sounding just like my Mum! Yes, that’s right, he’s giving everyone lectures on not wasting their food. Which means that for one rare moment, I actually whole heartedly support what he’s saying. “There are kids in this world who don’t have food to eat, so don’t you dare throw that away”, I can almost hear him saying. So yeah, stop throwing out good food. And start using up food that’s nearly out of date. And don’t just buy stuff for the hell of it.

The fact is, our economy seems to thrive on people wasting. And not because there’s now a thriving waste economy, but because stuff is priced so low we have to buy more than we need for the whole thing to keep working.

One of my biggest bugbears is the “humongous steak” on many restaurant’s menus. What’s that all about? You can’t process 12oz of meat in a single day, so most of it just, er, goes straight through. Even a 6oz steak is beyond the needs of one’s body. Get some real nutrition!

Its not like he’s suggesting skipping (the art of removing packaged food from a skip in which it has been placed due to shelf-life expiry) or the other kind of bin-grabbing I don’t have a name for, but which York supplies amazingly well late at night, whereby you watch people drop pizza boxes on the pavement with most of a pizza in (3/4s is vomitously common) and then pick it up and start eating. Not recommended for other types of take-away, and yes, the thing is often still warm. No really, kids in Africa need your cash; if you can’t spend wisely (get a pizza between 2, if not 4 of you) I’m sure they’ll do it for you.

If you think societies values are going down the drain, perhaps you’re right. Perhaps we really can’t understand the amazing gift of easy-access munchables. Perhaps its time to be more conservative in our eating and spending habits and just not be so selfish. After all, somewhere there’s a kid picking through a pile of trash looking for food. Just be more grateful, OK.


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