Finding a new scape goat

Monday, 27th October 2008 at 8:00 UTC 1 comment

Right, really need to clear some of the posting back-log I’ve accrued recently. This should mean daily postings all this week. First up, a return to national ID cards, something this government seems utterly hell-bent on implementing. And just because those pesky majority-member Brits won’t do it, what the hell, lets pick a minority, such as, erm, foreigners.

Lets make sure those other people have ID cards! Its not really original, but hey. And lets use it to humiliate people in the very cross-border marriages which could actually break down the walls between cultures and nations, which have always been a threat to those in power when its the working classes involved in the cross-border marrying. Oh, and students, because clearly they’re a massive threat to everyone.

I was involved in the case of a couple of Bradford students who were practically gestapo’ed. It actually hurt quite a lot to see the effect it had on the international student community. Britain isn’t a welcoming place to be, and for some God-aweful reason, we’re supposed to be proud of this? One of the two students was thrown out of the country so fast most of her friends didn’t realise she’d gone; a diminutive Asian female unlikely to kick-up a fuss, but who’s disappearance would send a shock through an entire community.

Talking of students, being the supposed rabble rousers they are, I wonder whether some of this is somehow connected to the police intimidation of foreigners during Climate Camp that went largely un-reported. Is this perhaps to some extent an attempt to ensure those who come from countries and cultures where protesting is a bit more run-of-the-mill and, perhaps, assertive.

I really do suspect part of it is a knowledge that highly educated people from other countries might be coming here to escape regimes, if only temporarily, in which they would otherwise be less at liberty to think and act as they choose. I only know about 3 Bush regime exiles who came to this country as students to escape the hell they were experiencing, but understand that that one regime alone created several thousand student runaways, many choosing the UK.

And this language about privellege: this is the very language we should be using to identify the problems in the world, not trying to defend. Our privelleges in the UK are morally indefensible and based on the suffering of others, both historically under imperialism and presently under global capital. Whilst I do believe in Grace, so I’m not advocating actually doing this, I think the only just response is to strip the government of all privellege, and hand those privelleges to those who actually need them.


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Generational Issues Asking the wrong questions

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  • 1. Kærast  |  Monday, 27th October 2008 at 8:50 UTC

    Actually, it’s not just foreign students that the cards are being tested on – it’s airport staff as well. However, whilst foreign students have to be careful about campaigning against id cards for fear of being sent back home, the British Airline Pilots Association is seeking a judicial review on behalf of it’s 10,000 members.


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