Parental Controls On Cars?

Wednesday, 29th October 2008 at 13:06 UTC Leave a comment

Apparently Ford are to start placing Parental Controls on cars. Instead of everyone having identical keys, Ford will use its microchip technology to identify which driver is using the car. Parents will be able to have the car limit itself to 80mph for the kids, and optionally sound an alarm if it is driven over 55, 65 or 75mph according to parental choice. Seat belt alarms will be set according to driver (which begs the question of why the parents should get away with driving without a seat belt, but hey).

My thoughts on this are really very simple: isn’t this just a sign Ford are desperate to key parents putting their kids behind the wheel, maintaining parent’s sense of security about the idea, instead of the responsible option of refusing to let their kids become car-dependant in the first place? Parents should be worrying about handing on a habitable planet, not good driving practices!


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