Dawkins and I both do ego trips

Monday, 3rd November 2008 at 22:43 UTC Leave a comment

Lack of posting lately noted. Would sorely love to have gotten round to commenting more on the “Atheist Bus Campaign” (and creating a facebook group called “I’d donate to a Christian Bus Advert Campaign, but I gave my money to Christian Aid”). Instead of writing about Dawkins and his ego trips, I decided I shall do an ego trip instead, and tell you to read Lois’ remarks on her blog, Contadine. I’d like you all to pay especial attention to the quote at the bottom of the second post. I had a weird reaction when reading it: it turns out the sudden realisation that you yourself are being quoted is utterly bizarre. Thanks Lois! As for Dawkins and his ego: Pot, Kettle, Black.


Entry filed under: Church, Faith, News, Religion.

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