And can it be?

Wednesday, 5th November 2008 at 3:26 UTC Leave a comment

This is probably going to turn into a live-feed type blog. Thankfully I now have a laptop in the room where we’re watching the events unfold.

04:06: We’ve cracked the bubbly, cheered loudly and its only just dawning on me that its actually real. We have the 44th President of the United States of America. After 15 months of supporting Obama, it just seems weird that its call come out so well. We’re still cheering states as they come in. Thank God.

03:57: 3 minutes to go, perhaps. We’re about to get the 55 for California, and possibly the remaining 8 seats to take us over the line. Time can’t move fast enough. I just hope the net doesn’t fail. Virginia still counting, could be an upset.

03:33: My friend John “just saw the a bbc producer take a sign saying proud NON voter off someone in the background of a shot” (Facebook). He, like me, is also struggling to be more radical than simply watching TV and celebrating an Obama win. (My goodness, did I just say Obama win? Things change stupidly fast in politics.

03:20:  People are running around looking at laptops and nattering. We’re getting a bit bored of the punditry and are beginning to hope there might be results soon. BBC saying moment of victory getting close, citing California, which would give 260 by adding 55 to current counts. “We should know for sure in the next hour or so”, hurray for sleep!

03:15: I sit in Derwent Junior Common Room, beside the soundsystem we rigged rather belatedly, and we still haven’t got California, yet still (right now) Obama leads 207 to 135. We’re all a little bemused by the whole projections game, and I think this is being born-out by facebook: we Brits just prefer to wait for real numbers.


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