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Treating Everyone Fairly

Having discovered recently that it is no longer required that new doctors swear it, I was somewhat thankful to read a defence of the Hypocratic Oath shortly afterwards. This ancient statement of duty, as the author of the article notes, tells us just how eternal the temptations that face medical professionals are, as people trust their very lives to their safekeeping time and again. But one area of medical ethics is not touched upon which we should perhaps return to: treatment of all, regardless of creed or allegiance.



Wednesday, 31st December 2008 at 9:00 UTC 1 comment

War: Making the Complex Simple

War is a tool for many things, but I find myself wondering about the way in which the situation in Israel is being somewhat simplified through the extreme divisions that the latest violence have inevitably created. If I was aware of complexity in Israeli/Palestinian society before I visited the area, I suppose the sheer depth of that complexity was what I learnt most about…


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Plumber Joe and the Bishops

Now, before you think I’ve founded a rock band, this is a post about economies, communities and some very welcome church interference. Let me start by suggesting people go take a peek at Lois’ post on the subject of an American Plumber who shot to fame during the presidential campaign because he didn’t want to pay anymore taxes, and because John McCain decided to use him as a political football.


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My Christmas Letter

And so it is, a few days later than planned, that I sit down to write a Christmas Letter to you all. I haven’t received many this year, but I shall be finding the time to read the ones I did, and those my parents have received, over the next couple of days. Holding down a full time job, even with so-called “social hours” can get pretty unsociable it seems!

Before I get into the long details of the year, and half of you (metaphorically!) stop reading, I’d like to wish you and those around you a very Happy, Peaceful Christmas and New Year; hope to those of you who are down, and continued joy to those who are on the up. More than ever I appreciate the very many people who keep me going, keep me sane, and keep reminding me that humanity, despite its ability to do great evil, is still capable, and often already doing, many great things.

Happy Christmas! (more…)

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Google Bomb EON

(Due to burnt-out-ness, this shall be my sole contribution to the 48 hours of action against E.On)

Power company E-On is hoping to build the first new coal-fired power station in the UK for a generation on the site of its present station at Kingsnorth in Kent. At a time of climate crisis, it’s an obscenity. They’ve been the targets of all kinds of action, from last summer’s Camp for Climate Action, to a series of smaller action on April 1st (‘Fossil Fools Day’). One easy, comfy action can happen from this computer you’re looking at. The tactic is called ‘google-bombing’. (more…)

Monday, 1st December 2008 at 11:18 UTC 2 comments

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