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At the doors of the BBC

By way of a bonus post, here’s the speech I made outside the BBC offices and studios on Leeds on Wednesday night at a protest over the BBC’s failure to show the Gaza appeal.

Welcome and thanks to all who’ve made it here today. These last few weeks have seen an exciting rise in protests around Britain. Hundreds of thousands have marched in dozens of cities around Britain, whilst over 15 Universities, plus many shops and supermarkets, banks and broadcasting centres have been occupied in response to this latest outrage. It’s been both heartening to see so much activity, and at the same time, very tiring. (more…)


Friday, 30th January 2009 at 15:41 GMT+0000 3 comments

There she stands at Liverpool Street

Either I’ve forgotten it, or I’ve simply never gotten round to writing about one place in London that really inspires me. Outside Liverpool Street station stands a bronze statue of a small girl, passed by hundreds of thousands each day, and yet I as I stand by her, I wonder at how few must even realise she’s there. She is memorial to the Kindertransport, and she always reminds me of the amazing things humans can achieve.


Friday, 30th January 2009 at 9:00 GMT+0000 2 comments

Temperatures Down, Disasters Up

I recently read an article in the Telegraph by some Climate Change denier, insistent on using the term “Global Warming” despite its being somewhat defunct, trying to claim that, because we’ve just seen a dip in temperatures over the last two years, we should think talk of Climate Change is mere opportunistic twaddle. Well, temperatures might be down, but one industry is still convinced its in trouble…


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BBC Refuses Gaza Aid Appeals (Monday Action)

The Disasters and Emergencies Committee of the leading International Aid charities in Britain have announced an appeal to get aid into Gaza. The BBC, who have shown videos for such appeals when connected with African conflicts on many occaisions, have refused. Put simply, I find this unacceptable.

Please write to/phone the BBC to complain. This isn’t about Hamas, this isn’t about Zionism, this is about finding food, medical supplies and shelter for the thousands of innocent victims in the recent invasion. (more…)

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Green New Deal: Deal or No Deal?

Couldn’t resist that rather terrible invocation of one of TV’s most bizarre characters. Its definitely quite a topical idea, this Green New Deal, and everyone seems to be talking about it. In fact, its quite disconcerting to hear both those in government and in parts of the Climate Change movement talking the same language suddenly. But what are the dangers of this approach, and what should we be cautious of.


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Out of a bad beginning…

I got home yesterday just in time to see all but the first few words of the speech Obama made to a crowd so vast it has only once been matched in British history. It wasn’t exuberant. It wasn’t overly optimistic. But it did display the kind of grinding courage needed to think there might one day be light at the end of the tunnel. It is a speech many radicals, and probably many of my friends, would only have watched to sneer at, but I think I saw in it a glimpse of just what Obama might be up to, something exciting, if not totally satisfying. (more…)

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Pick n Mix Week 3

So, as its a Friday, its time for some silliness. Purple Tomatoes, Wonky Carrots, Presidential Pooches, and a new way of mass-fliering in Korea. Somethings just can’t be made up…


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