Pick n Mix Week 2

Wednesday, 14th January 2009 at 9:00 UTC Leave a comment

And so for another, shorter, instalment of news stories that caught my eye a while ago and which I wish to post. Its Somali Pirates, Penitent Police and Transgender Genetics today!

Somali pirates living the high life

Its interesting to note the slight dissonance between the two pirate resurgences going on right now. In Hollywood, and on campus, pirates are fashionable. Pirates of the Caribbean is grossing millions and campus pirates are winning elections. In Somalia, pirates are getting down to business, earning themselves a mind-warping amount of money considering what they did earn back home in their villages.

I can’t decide whether these people are just being human, making ends meet, being young and adventurous, or doing something totally wrong. Maybe its a mix. But it has to be said that when it comes to the terrible prospects of global warming, its the only practical mass-scale Carbon Capture and Storage known to human kind: seizing an oil tanker! (Apologies to the wonderful Mr Chivers!)

Transsexual gene link identified

Well, I did start writing a post about this, but found it very hard to make my mind up on what it should say. You see, part of me thinks this is a helpful timely discovery, and part of me thinks its missing the point somewhat.

The Doctor in question states “There is a social stigma that transsexualism is simply a lifestyle choice, however our findings support a biological basis of how gender identity develops“ – but this misses the point entirely, which is that society needs to get over its hang ups in this area and stop being so immature and learn to question its own pre-suppositions in this area. {Trans Rant Over}

Africans adapt to Nordic chill

It was interesting to discover myself in a fairly cosmopolitan district of Copenhagen in September, a city I mostly imagined to be very “white”. Reading this article was informative and I hope I will recall it when I’m back there in March.

Menezes man overcome by emotion

And finally, it appears there is some humanity left in the world after all, even if Sir Ian Blair were not prepared to resign properly over the incident.


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