Pick n Mix Week 3

Friday, 16th January 2009 at 9:00 UTC Leave a comment

So, as its a Friday, its time for some silliness. Purple Tomatoes, Wonky Carrots, Presidential Pooches, and a new way of mass-fliering in Korea. Somethings just can’t be made up…

Balloon campaign assails N Korea

I.want.one – or rather, several. So much fun! So much wasted paper, but ho hum, just think of all the uses. I want to know what the release mechanism is like on them, because one video describes them as being timed to release after different intervals, which makes me thing there’s something technical going on, but it might be quite elementary and easy to recreate. But wait, see those balloons, right? Isn’t that what you get if you boil a condom?

Wonky Veg

Logic wins through, and we shall soon be able, for the first time in a long while, obtain two pronged carrots again. Kids will be able to get smile-inducing veg without the need for cans of branded edible crap. Potatoes that look like people’s arses will again cause amusement. Right, I’ll calm down now…

Purple tomato ‘may boost health’

My goodness, the things they think of. I suppose the EU won’t be banning it, what with their new found love of bizarre food. Moreover, the things people will buy (into). Surely there can’t be a market for this nonsense? Its like blue pasta and pink cheese sauce. Really, you try eating it! Its quite traumatic.

Choosing the First Puppy

And now for the cuteness of it all. The promised puppy is being selected in readiness for the arrival of the new family in the Whitehouse. Well, at least Palin didn’t get in. Sorry, couldn’t resist! Its nice to see people speculating over something other than how many promises the guy can break in a year or four.


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Silence broken… Out of a bad beginning…

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