BBC Refuses Gaza Aid Appeals (Monday Action)

Monday, 26th January 2009 at 9:00 UTC Leave a comment

The Disasters and Emergencies Committee of the leading International Aid charities in Britain have announced an appeal to get aid into Gaza. The BBC, who have shown videos for such appeals when connected with African conflicts on many occaisions, have refused. Put simply, I find this unacceptable.

Please write to/phone the BBC to complain. This isn’t about Hamas, this isn’t about Zionism, this is about finding food, medical supplies and shelter for the thousands of innocent victims in the recent invasion.This whole issue raises the issue of impartiality in a big way for me. Can humanity really use impartiality in a situation like this? Why are the BBC impartial for showing us destroyed homes, when they speak of such injustices, and not follow through with the appeal?

The interesting thing is, every time the BBC posts a news story on the issue, it posts the link to the DEC website, and to be honest, money will still get raised this way, but not in the sense of millions of pounds pouring in as would have happened had they shown the videos. The fact is, every DEC activation raises money, and the BBC normally wouldn’t think twice about this.

After the Tsunami, no matter how heartless it would have been to do so, the BBC could have turned round, shrugged its shoulders and said “they brought it on themselves by living by the sea”. Its impossible to imagine this actually happening, such is the normativity of a hasty charitable response. We recognise that this is a shit argument, and we’d react with horror to anyone making it.

With the Congo and other struggles, we can’t see people saying “oh, but this was a war, it involved politics, these people chose to be on the wrong side”. The fact is, again, the overwhelming concensus is that this is a moral outrage. So why not now? Did these people choose to be bombed? Did Israel only target people who voted for Hamas? Does voting for someone in a government election mean you fully support them and all their actions?

Anyhow, enough arguing. I have sent much of the above to the BBC myself, and now I ask all of you reading this to send them a complaint about this decision. You can ring them on 03700 100 222 or visit their complaint’s page. You need not write more than a few lines saying you are concerned, as many others will be writing essays!

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