Temperatures Down, Disasters Up

Wednesday, 28th January 2009 at 9:00 UTC Leave a comment

I recently read an article in the Telegraph by some Climate Change denier, insistent on using the term “Global Warming” despite its being somewhat defunct, trying to claim that, because we’ve just seen a dip in temperatures over the last two years, we should think talk of Climate Change is mere opportunistic twaddle. Well, temperatures might be down, but one industry is still convinced its in trouble…

There has always been one particularly strange bedfellow that we Climate Change campaigners have had to put up with. In fact, they are our only plausible case of a true ally in big business. They are the people who will pay out when it all goes horribly wrong. The Insurance Industry.

You see, what we once understood as merely a trend in rising temperatures, is in fact far more complicated. Weather won’t get uniformly warmer, but instead get more varied. And by varied, we mean chaotic. And chaotic weather tends to be called "Natural Disasters”. Even if the temperature last year went down a fair bit, the predicted disasters are certainly happening.

“More than 220,000 people died in events like cyclones, earthquakes and flooding, the most since 2004, the year of the Asian tsunami.” And, I suspect, more than 2004 if you took away the Tsunami. So many of these disasters are “weather related”.

Yes, 2008 was cold, but it wasn’t the Climate of Old we saw, but something rather more frightening. It isn’t just environmentalists saying cut emissions, its also those who will be forced to bail us out after this mess.


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