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How deep the roots of injustice?

It was somewhat inevitable I might get around to writing something about the world post-April 1st. It has taken a little getting used to, with the sudden swathe of differing activities and events, campaigns and legal cases, and the sudden fascination of Evening Standard with police not displaying their numbers.



Wednesday, 29th April 2009 at 8:00 UTC Leave a comment

The Camera Revolution World wide

Spare a quick thought for this team of intrepid camera-folks, not filming in the City of London, but rather on the streets of Burma 18 months ago. For all the importance of pushing cameras around during protests in this country, I feel the gravity of working on the streets of Rangoon and elsewhere in that country, and the work done in Tibet months later, were both far more commendable.


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A need for speed?

Yes, for those who have the pleasure of my company in real life on a regular basis, you probably knew this post was coming. It doesn’t just contain the stuff you’ve heard me waffling about though. Instead, it contains my own personal gripes on rail in Britain and Europe.


Monday, 27th April 2009 at 8:00 UTC 10 comments

Olympic Torch protests too successful?

The BBC reported some time ago that the Olympic Torch procession around the world that occurred before the Athens and Beijing Olympics will not be repeated, mostly because of security issues, i.e. because the protests last year were too much to handle.


Saturday, 25th April 2009 at 8:00 UTC 1 comment

Quick mix Pot Pouri

Time for another catch up on some news stories I wanted to pass comment on and have thus far failed to do so. Contains Pink Dresses, Muslim Extremists, Gypsies, Hazel Blears, Brazilian Peasants, Chinese Bravado and Psychologists, not necessarily in quite that order


Friday, 24th April 2009 at 8:00 UTC 3 comments

Divisions in fighting Racist Divisions

The UN on Monday was quite eventful, most notably because of the walk out triggered by Ahmadinejad. But whilst I find him detestable, and have am proud to have campaigned (if in only a small way) against his regime, the point he made needs much more consideration. For the defining issue of racism in our time must surely be the Israel-Palestine conflict.


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Zionist Foundation fears Climate Camp?

OK, on a light hearted note, check out the last three paragraphs of this article concerning an Israeli Defence Force dance troupe in the UK. Those who read yesterday’s post will be interested to note the reverse-issue-bundling going on: the Zionist Foundation trying to claim Climate Campers will screw them over!


Tuesday, 21st April 2009 at 8:00 UTC Leave a comment

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