Zionist Foundation fears Climate Camp?

Tuesday, 21st April 2009 at 8:00 UTC Leave a comment

OK, on a light hearted note, check out the last three paragraphs of this article concerning an Israeli Defence Force dance troupe in the UK. Those who read yesterday’s post will be interested to note the reverse-issue-bundling going on: the Zionist Foundation trying to claim Climate Campers will screw them over!

What the hell? Even most protesters don’t want to link Climate Change to Palestine, even though Palestinians will be amongst the very worst affected by non-polar-melt effects of Climate Change (i.e. sea rise aside, they’re more screwed than almost anyone, as they already have over 70% of their water stolen*).

It was interesting at the last Copenhagen preparatory gathering to note the number of people who described themselves as Palestine activists as well, probably second only to the number talking about animal rights.

But where on Earth did the Zionist Foundation get this idea that Climate Camp would attack? And since when was a Climate Camp a celebration? I suppose it is, but really, why are we a threat to them? Surely they realise the most likely cause of a shut down would be a large crowd of incredibly pissed off Muslims, of which the camp is sadly bereft, despite the clear narrative of Western blame and Muslim-world suffering.

Anyway, I just thought this was stupidly bizarre. And thanks to Rachel for pointing it out to me!


* Stolen = Technical, International law definition. Just in case you thought I was being unfairly melodramatic.


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