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Well I guess the problem with my way of writing blog posts is that I end up with more stories saved in my RSS feeds than I know what to do with, and not enough time to write my 800 words on each of them. Cars have been banned from Times Square, New York, which could lead to a massive tirade about the need to keep pedestrianising the world, or I could just lump a bunch of stories together with brief comments, kind of like this…

No more cars in Times Square, NYC

Loving this news story. So glad someone managed to push this through in a prominent American city, and really hope lots of others follow suit. We need to take back space from cars and car culture if we are ever to rebuild our community and start to enjoy the space we live in again. And cities like York need to expand their “car free zones”, not just say “hey, we did it years ago”. Pedestrianisation is a process, not a state which can be attained.

(See, no need for the tirade!)

Officials claim Siberian Child raised by Dogs and Cats

This is a rather tragic child abuse case, and perhaps underlines the fact that the situation doesn’t get any better outside of Britain and Ireland, in which originate most of the stories we read in the media. I do distinctly remember hearing about a similar but perhaps more dramatic case of a feral child in Siberia, in which a child was found in the forests literally adopted by wolves.

It can tell us quite a lot about development and the role of environment and role-models. But I suppose the question becomes one of welfare verses obvious scientific fascination, and how on earth you provide such a person with a “normal life”; simply put, I don’t think you can, but its always interesting how important restoring someone’s normalcy becomes. In some ways, in the case of a feral child in the forests, I’d almost wonder whether the best thing might not be to leave them living their adopted life as a wolf. So much moral dilemma!

Move over everyone else, England will save Britain on their own!

Apparently Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland have decided to let the Team GB 2012 Olympic football team become an all-England affair. Its not that my heart bleeds for the lack of Scots, Welsh or Irish footballers who will make it onto the pitch during 2012, but I do love how much this sums up the way Britain works. Except when it comes to the members of government. But certainly the end-result of that government is still basically “move over, England will save the day”.

French reality TV stars to get employment rights

Basically, this story could be a way of solving two situations with one stone: first, it could inspire people to demand more rights for their colleagues, second, it could make reality TV harder to produce at a profit, which would in turn ensure an end to this stupidity. Who thought simple labour protection laws might actually result in our quality of life being dramatically improved, eh?


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