A Web of Hatred Worldwide

Monday, 15th June 2009 at 8:00 UTC Leave a comment

On Friday, news broke that the perpetrator of the shootings at the Holocaust Museum in Washington had supported American Friends of the BNP until its disbanding in 2001. But was this an isolated connection, or does this fit a growing trend of hate-parties and hate-groups making contact and working together?

There seems to be a sort of “myth of disorganisation” behind the world’s hate-groups that projects an image of poor coordination and only endless factiousness. Think back to the confusion over Griffin’s meetings and tours with Jean Le Pen from France, a man who has paved the way for the leadership of the BNP to make an ideological appeal to its membership to present a softer outer image to disguise the plans for race war once enough power has been accrued.

It might seem a bit odd that the BNP will talk to Jonny Foreigner, or indeed openly show interest in his policies. He is, after all, one of them. But essentially, the political needs and values are an over-riding factor. The two men both share a desire to impoverish the Black and Jewish minorities in their communities, and in a globalised world, a common strategy is needed to achieve anything like this kind of shift in attitudes needed to keep everyone’s heads turned.

But perhaps there is some kind of failure to understand the farthest reaches of the networking. The BNP’s links go through to American White Supremacists in America, but they also have weak ties with the Hindu Nationalist BJP in India, who until recently formed the government under the slogan “India is Shining”, which apparently it is if you are the right kind of Indian.

Ironically, the BJP also traded praises with the far right in Israel, effectively linking up the American White Supremacists, who hate Jews, the less-than-Jew-loving BNP, the Hindu Nationalist BJP and groups of Jews in Israel. This should tell us something about what actually underlies all these groups: a desire to see racial purity over and above a desire to see racial extinction, and a desire remodel the world on racial lines where blacks fight whites and vice-versa.

The importance of violence, for instance, might be brought into the equation. One classic viewpoint amongst BNP supporters is that the social conditioning of National Military Service is essential to maintaining the status quo of oppression.

Without a good, healthy supply of war and violence, people might turn towards lust for the same sex, or reject gender boundaries, or marry those they shouldn’t. One should hardly be surprised that a movement of hatred is so totally dominated by the prevention of deep abiding love. So the desire for picture-perfect marriages resulting in blue eyed, white skinned children with perfect discipline comes about.

It is in interactions like this that we see the Zionist movement post-1900 as incredibly convenient for the far-right. But this is also totally against the ideals of a mixed, diverse society in which people regularly interact and share a common understanding; the world represented in the rhetoric, if not quite the practice, of America’s first black President, to whom we can all be incredibly grateful.

The search for a return to the non-historical reality of a racial separated world continues, and we should not be surprised to see it building alliances in much the way Bush and Blair built their alliances, or indeed the way activists commonly build there’s. That these are pro-segregation movements and not pro-diversity movements is not something we should assume to get in the way.


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