In Sheffield, and not in pain

Tuesday, 18th August 2009 at 20:59 UTC Leave a comment

Just to bring things up to date, I’ve made it to Sheffield. It was a little more traumatic than it should have been and took a few more miles of pedalling than it should have done, and at least one more encounter with a dual carriageway than it should have done. Apart from my saddle being a little wobbly just at the end, my bike is in one piece. 96km or 60miles in 6hrs51, average 14kph or 8.5mph. Tomorrow, all being well, will get me to Birmingham via Derby, Burton on Trent and either Tamworth or Lichfield. I’d quite like to see Lichfield, as I need to tick the cathedral off my list!

We set off at12noon, my panniers stuffed full of all the stuff except a tent I’ll have at Soul Survivor when I get there. I need some means of cooking, but don’t possess any options for that right now. Ooops. Anyhow, my house mate believes I have far too much stuff, but still gave me an extra bag of flapjack for the journey. Flapjack is heavy!

I had to take my bike to cycle heaven at 8am for a repair, then picked it up at 11.30, before cycling to Fulford where I met Greg, who’d had to run an errand, and the two of us rode together most of the way. The bits where we didn’t were the bits where my legs wouldn’t move fast enough to keep up with his nimble racer of about half the weight of mine, and no panniers.

We managed to get lost for the first time when approaching Selby town centre and being offered the choice of “Doncaster (A19)”, only to miss the turning for the A19. We carried on with the A19 all the way till it meets the A1 on the way into Donny, where we took a road that should have gotten us to Mexborough without taking us through the town centre. It did, but we replaced run down South Yorkshire town with runs up South Yorkshire hills. We eventually found the valley we wanted to run with, but not before I’d started to wear myself down a bit too much. I must admit that without Greg, I’d have walked up a few of the climbs!

Anyhow, eventually we began to pass through Rotherham, and then got made an annoying extra detour just before Meadowhall that gave us most of the unanticipated 5 miles of the day. I was delighted when we came along Sheaf Street, passing the station, before heading uphill to Greg’s dad’s house. Greg let us swap bikes for the climb, as I’ll be going back that way tomorrow.


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