Look away and Blair’s back

Wednesday, 4th November 2009 at 9:00 UTC 1 comment

Some of you will have managed to notice that I haven’t written a post in over a week. Life got a lot too hectic. This means I’ve had to play catch up with the news, and to be honest, most of its been a bit depressing, but then I found myself living a nightmare a few days ago: Brown to back Blair for EU President. “Oh crap!”, I groaned, “make it all go away!”.

The guy is turning into a bit of a political cockroach. Get rid of him from power, and ooops, he’s back again, and even more loathed than before. Apparently, the last week has seen a significant swing against Blair taking the EU Premier’s role, and it seems almost unimaginable that Brown might back him, given even his (i.e. Labour’s) own voters only narrowly support the idea.

He’s been middle-east envoy, he’s been Saviour of the World (see Blair Foundation), he’s earning millions as a public speaker, and now we’re risking his return to power? This from the man who backed war after disastrous war (name one that wasn’t, if you will), and who privatised that which even Thatcher thought unworkable in the private sector. You just can’t keep a bad man down, these days.

True, most of my anger at Blair concerns his war crimes, and it could be argued that getting him this position would help prosecute him, but TBH, the EU is such an unaccountable organisation, I really can’t see that working. If we couldn’t haul him before courts whilst in Westminster, do people really think it will be easier in Brussels?

I suppose it might be easy to accuse some of the vocal opponents of Blair’s re-emergence of being vindictive. But there’s a difference between allowing someone to change and allowing someone to get back into the position of power from which they made the abuses in the first place, and that seems to be the plan with Blair right now. That said, we still don’t know if he really has admitted his errors over Iraq or whether he’s still committed; sadly I rather suspect the latter. Oddly, I note that Lord Heseltine (former Deputy PM) has come out saying that the Iraq war was at least a mistake, albeit for some rather poor reasons (he was a dictator, but he was our dictator, so it doesn’t matter).

This is a sharp reminder not to take one’s eyes off of the ball, not to become complacent, and not to overdo the celebrations once someone has left office. Blair’s departure may have allowed the world to sigh with relief, but its just possible we’ve overdone it.

One has to wonder what the rest of the world will think about the Blair-leadership-bid. My suspicion is that most will be very much against the idea, and that someone more neutral, and from a country less known for Euro-scepticism would be more likely. I certainly hope so. The fact is, to the extent I’m a supporter of the European Project, I find the idea of Britain leading Europe in this particular way most disturbing.

I also think someone with less prior reputation would be good, for the role is currently not set as a massive media presence, and that is surely what Blair would make it. If we want to avoid one Europe under a single International face, whereby all others are largely tied to domestic affairs. Such a turn of events, with or without Blair at the helm, would make Europe loo much like an Imperial Wannabe, setting out to force its views on everyone and anyone who cares to cross its path.


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  • 1. Lois  |  Wednesday, 4th November 2009 at 13:25 UTC

    Hey, slow down a bit there! I can see that you (reasonably) don’t like Blair’s foreign policy decisions- or at least Iraq policy- but that isn’t quite all he did. At least remember that there were some positives under his government too- I suspect you’re grateful for the minimum wage, for example.

    Plus, there is of course the idea that Brown is endorsing Blair because being endorsed by an unpopular leader is a good way to end his ambitions. While probably not true, the idea does amuse me.


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