First notes from Copenhagen

Sunday, 13th December 2009 at 18:01 UTC Leave a comment

This isn’t going to be coherent, but it should at least be worth reading (I hope!). I’ve been here for just over 24 hours and have already seen quite a bit of the layout of preparations from the actions which started today with affinity-group actions against the corporate take over of the climate issue. I’ve also managed to take a shower. This is an important fact!

So in the space we’ve organised between different Christian groups things are chaotic, but no more so that in the Convergence Space I visited last night. We’ve got lots of Dutch people, myself and some Germans. The Dutch group are very well defined and know what they all expect from each other, whereas the German group is harder to separate from other German activists: the Christian activists have stronger links to the rest of the movement, and so they want to spend more time working with other activists (some of whom they’ve brought along to sleep here). Then there’s myself, aware of various British Christians on various sides of the city, but at a complete loss as to whether any of them have time for yet another gathering place. Its not to say that this space isn’t working, and as far as the Dutch are concerned its working amazingly, but its a little hard to figure out.

But then that’s pretty much how the rest of the city is. Right now I’m tempted by a hundred events at any time, and managed to spend an entire hour watching a protester-police standoff; not my best use of time, though its good to see the tactics they have in mind. But then I found the KlimaForum and managed to catch up with a couple of people I know, whilst getting a short net connection time.

Net connections are pretty good around here, but then they need to be. This is maybe my 8th major mobilisation (Climate Camps included) but its the first I’ve seen the email traffic on the lists continue to go up during the event itself. For climate camp, the emails stop about 2 days before, as everyone is either too busy to want to email, or too geographically close to need to. This time the lists are just hammering on, and I’m wondering about unsubscribing from a couple of email lists, just to save my sanity, despite their growing usefulness in my life.

Anyhow, I have lots more I want to say, but these need uploading, and I’ll get something else written as soon as I can.


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