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Its all gone a bit quiet

This post, as much as anything, is designed to tell everyone that I am in fact still alive. I just haven’t felt a lot like writing lately, but in the last week I’ve really started to feel the urge to get this thing moving again. There’s plenty to talk about and plenty to reflect on; a new government means a new set of challenges, and with the summer approaching, there are many new possibilities. (more…)


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As the dust settles…

I’m sorry not to have kept blogging through the run up to the elections, but with polls closed and votes (mostly) counted, there is now much to be said. Now is not the time to rest, other than to grab back some of those lost hours of sleep. Now is the time to get working on building the civil society response to slash and burn cuts, or indeed any of a myriad of Tory policies, even though we know this still might not happen.


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