Is this what apathy feels like?

Sunday, 19th September 2010 at 18:52 UTC Leave a comment

So I guess half the blogs in Britain are talking about the Pope’s visit right now, whether supportive of the protests or the Pope himself. I’m now going to attempt to sum up the energy to address my personal feelings on the Pope’s visit.

My opinions are fairly simple, to be honest. For the first time in a decade, perhaps even in my life, I’m seeing pictures of protests on TV and I actually don’t care. Usually I either feel some affinity with protesters in the streets, or I feel angry. Failing that, I feel curiosity; the situation in Thailand never really made a huge amount of sense to me, but a movement that can shut down an airport for weeks demands some respect. When French farmers ro-lawned the Champ Elysee, I was interested mostly from a “wow, awesome protest” perspective even if I can’t remember quite why they did it.

Yesterday I sat in Whetherspoons with an eye on the TV screens, watching the thousands of people, many with home made placards, and about the most I managed was a rolling of eyes when a “Down With This Sort of Thing” placard went past. Is this how the public often feels about me? Its not a particularly scary thought – I can live with the idea that many people are far too busy to take interest in what is going on. But it does feel rather odd.

Anyhow, what I’m finding most nauseas is the assumption being made that all religion is like the Roman Catholic church at its worst. I think the Pope needs to get on top of the crisis in his institution and ensure priests face criminal charges where possible. I want to think the church can become a safe place for victims of any abuse, so I don’t warm to either side. Obviously, that’s a pretty big ask, and only time will tell if its possible. I dislike the current Pope, but to be honest, I find Dawkins equally detestable. A plague on both their houses? Or just leave them to waffle on?


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