Why we are Marching to the Conservative Conference!

Monday, 20th September 2010 at 13:03 UTC 1 comment

I wrote this as a detailed flier text for the demonstration on the 3rd October – its going to be discussed at a meeting convened for this week, but either way, its my own writing, so why shouldn’t I let you see it? It’s also posted on York Stop the Cuts’ new website, which I’m gradually turning from generic wordpress.com to fully functioning hub of information.

The Cuts are Unnecessary

It’s easy to be blinded by huge numbers, and ‘the deficit’ is a huge number.
But does it mean that UK government debt is out of control? At half the country’s total earnings (known as GDP), its lower than almost any time in 75 years, and so are interest rates. In the 1940’s, our debt was 6 times larger compared to ‘GDP’.
The International Monetary Fund, known for demanding cuts in public spending in Africa, Asia and Latin America is asking our government to hold back or risk causing another recession. If that happens, there’ll be fewer people earning and fewer businesses trading, meaning less tax coming in, and a new deficit!

The Cuts are Unfair

Since the budget in June, many groups have been number crunching– nearly all say that those with the least income or most dependants will be hit hardest by the cuts. The poorest 10% may be hit 13 times harder than the richest. A single mother may lose £1800 in services – on top of benefit cuts. Did they cause the crisis? No – it was the bankers who gambled away our future for their own short-term gains. And many of them are avoiding taxes that could shore up the coffers.

The Cuts are Unacceptable

They are designed to cripple the very institutions we take for granted and can be proud of, like the NHS – equal treatment for rich and poor and free to use. After 13 years, the Conservatives are desperate to create competition at the expense of community, to free the richest from their responsibility to the poorest, and to undermine our public services. These are ideological cuts, and they must stop!

Get in touch, Get involved, Get your voice heard!

Sunday 3rd October, Birmingham – the Conservatives will be arriving in town to celebrate 6 months in government after 13 years in the wilderness, unable to help their bank-boss friends pay less tax and enjoy free rein with our money. In the streets outside, tens of thousands of ordinary people: teachers & nurses, cleaners & desk workers, patients & carers, school kids & parents. Where will you be?
For a big protest, you want to be with people you can identify with. We’re taking a 57 seater coach, and we hope it’ll be full of York people – that’s you! If you’re a wage earner, tickets are £15, otherwise they’re £10, and members of our group will be there to look out for you if you’re new to protests. There’ll be a rally with a wide range of speakers, and a march of 1-2miles to get our message across.

You can book a ticket one of the following ways: email yorkrighttowork[at]gmail.com or phone 07971 869963. You can also ask to go on our weekly email list and be kept informed of upcoming events.


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  • 1. Greg  |  Wednesday, 29th September 2010 at 22:47 UTC

    I note from your twitter feed that “the restistance is global”. Yes, and so is that which they’re resisting – it’s not just the evill Tories making ideological cuts over here. By the way, what is YSTC’s position on Liam Fox’s letter about defence cuts?


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